Artificer born heir to the Risian throne of Zan, ended up in Eberron. Adventured with the Eclipse Collective for a year before retiring back in his homeland. Came back later only to die in Baator.


Zan-kyri was born in Risia, the Plain of Ice. He is the younger son of Zan-kai, the king of the Zan genasi domain. In infancy, his elder brother took him to the edge of the world – the Shattering – and leaped off the edge with him, timing it such that they both ended up in Eberron.

What happened next is something of a blur until Zan-kyri ended up in Fairhaven, where he worked independently as an artificer out of a tenement basement. He was eventually recruited into House Cannith by a dragonmarked scion of the house, Thorin d’Cannith. Soon after this he became he involved in fighting in the Last War as a representative of House Cannith, though he would at some point desert in combat and flee to live in isolation for a time.

Years later, when the Eclipse Collective arrived in Fairhaven, Zan-kyri became fascinated with them and followed them in order to study them. He became a valuable member of the party and was present for crucial events such as the fall of Remelius Artauche during the invasion of Wroat, and like the others present that day has a statue there erected in his honour.

After the invasion of Wroat, he set up a magical laboratory in the Eclipse Keep, cut off his own arm and replaced it with a mechanical one to minimize human error, and spent nearly a year isolated there while the other party members went off adventuring. He returned for their next series of adventures and followed them through the Mournland, Scora Bael, Graywall and into Risia, where he began to rediscover his royal heritage. Rather than accompanying the party out of the plane he chose to remain here in his homeland, retiring from adventuring for good.


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