An arcanadaemon, Yrkhetep is an interplanar merchant who trades in information and magic goods. For a time, he set up shop in Haka'torvhak.



Like virtually all daemons, Yrkhetep comes from Gehenna, a region of Mabar, the Endless Night. Specifically, he comes from a place he refers to as the “Teardrop Palace.” An opportunistic merchant by trade, he deals in minor magic items and information — mainly, selling the former for the latter, but sometimes the order is reversed.

While his ultimate motivations are unknown, it is clear that he is heavily invested in himself. In Haka’torvhak, he sold information to the party on how to slay Rhashaak and, later, on Derli d’Kundarak‘s whereabouts after he was inadvertently banished to Gehenna. He also gave Zil’dejin Firebane his wings (and even attached them, eventually), and was the one to attach Derli’s daemon arm which ultimately led to his banishment. He has collected blood from several of the party members, including Zil’dejin, Derli, and Marlamin Tarmikos, though his reasons for wanting these samples are unknown.

He was briefly robbed by Namfoodle “the Badger” Nackle and Iadoes Lunaformer in a scheme that cost the former his life. Ultimately, the items were returned as part of a deal before Yrkhetep left for Mabar. It appears that he brought Ozorr with him on his first trip back.

When the Eclipse Collective visited the Teardrop Palace they found him there, and he attempted to sell them a skiff for traversing the River Styx, stolen from an imprisoned thanadaemon. They considered but eventually refused this offer. He also attempted to sell Derli bottled angel tears for use in a Moon’s Gate ritual a short time later, but Derli did not believe they were real and refused to buy them.



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