The mysterious mindflayer governor of Graywall


Few details are known about Xorchylic, the ancient mind flayer governor of Graywall. As long as the city has existed in its present form, Xorchylic has been commanding it, and it is rumoured he was the one who founded it in the first place. He is believed by some to have been a commander of some kind in the Daelkyr war against the goblin Dhakaani Empire who was trapped in the ruins of Khorash Khaar, one of their fortresses built on the site of what is now Graywall. Embittered against his creators, it is said, Xorchylic founded a new and relatively free city.

Xorchylic dwells in the Karda, a dome-shaped castle in the heart of the city to which few are granted access. The interior is light with a diffuse violet glow that seems to emanate from all directions at once. Xorchylic’s “office” features a variety of bizarre objects and a perfectly circular desk, as well as a number of eyes that float around him to literally keep an eye on the city.

While he is in charge of the laws of Graywall, Xorchylic has no respect for the laws of other lands, and both citizens and visitors can get away with a great deal in his city provided they do not inconvenience or threaten Xorchylic directly. Xorchylic’s system of law punishes serious offenders with immediate execution, while lesser crimes are punished by branding and time in the arena. It is also rumoured that Xorchylic sometimes uses his mental powers to punish offenders, but this may or may not be true.

As an ancient mind flayer, Xorchylic knew better than any the threat posed by the Impure Prince, and so he was very grateful for the Eclipse Collective’s help in defeating the void lich. Though the Flayer Guard could not contribute much to the Starpeaks Alliance, he called in a favour from the Prince of Bones on their behalf.



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