Tavarthax the Desecrated

An ancient red dragon apparently working with Mordakhesh. His soul has been tainted by abyssal power.


Tavarthax is a half-fiend red dragon working with (or possibly serving) Mordakhesh the Shadowsword. Because of his demonic corruption, his appearance is twisted and fiendish, and his back burns constantly. Tavarthax’s origins are unknown, but Baalondorus hinted that Tavarthax is truly ancient, probably even older than him.

Mordakhesh rode on Tavarthax’s back to break into the Eclipse Keep and steal the two Rage Shards kept there. While Mordakhesh was killed in the fight, Tavarthax fended the party off and knocked out Iadoes Lunaformer before taking the shards and Mordakhesh’s body away somewhere. His destination was unknown, but Mordakhesh was ultimately brought back to life.

Evidence of Tavarthax’s involvement was later seen when the witch Treona, essentially a living Rage Shard, was taken from her home, and the Eclipse Collective investigated her disappearance. The trail went cold, however.

When the Eclipse Collective raided Dragon’s Crown and confronted Mordakhesh, Tavarthax was found to have been killed by Zelishkar of the Bitter Flame before his death at Mordakhesh’s hands.


Tavarthax the Desecrated

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