Standing nearly twelve feet tall, this huge blue-skinned merchant belongs to an enigmatic race called the "mercanes" and claims to be very well connected. He sought the Tome of Leadership and Courage in Haka'torvhak, and apparently, a magic rake.



Tamztur is a mercane, a member of an enigmatic race very rarely seen outside of the “Drifting City” to which Tamztur has cryptically referred to as his home. By his account, most of his people are inclined towards mercantilism, and Tamztur is no exception. He trades in exotic goods, primarily magical items, and claims to be very well-connected to other merchants and service-providers in the Drifting City.

He appeared in Haka’torvhak’s Hall of Commerce, seeking the “Tome of Leadership and Courage” held in the Hall of Knowledge, where Trioxit held dominance. He bartered with the party to retrieve it, initially for their choice of a magic cloak or shield, but when circumstances changed they instead traded for Tamztur using his connections to forge a pair of demon-slaying and dragon-slaying weapons together to form a Blackclaw Slayer. He ultimately traded the cloak, which Conlon Ostrennar coveted, for a magical rake that Marlamin Tarmikos found.

After this transaction, he returned to the Drifting City, but encouraged the party to come find him if they were ever around.

Not long after, however, he showed up on the illithid Nautiloid ship, claiming to have paid an extravagant price for passage to its destination. He revealed this destination to the party in exchange for their word to not kill any more mind flayers: the ship was bound for Vult, the Warding Moon. Tamztur was in Tharkul Kan, Vult’s pyramid, seeking artifacts created by the forgotten race that built the structure. In particular, he sought two “portal loops,” capable of creating a linked portal when set down upon a surface. The party retrieved these and traded them for a map and a “mystery box,” containing a heavily enchanted rainbow scarf.

Tamztur later showed up again in the Teardrop Palace, where Talbot told him that he could find Rilic Balendal. Talbot had sold Tamztur the second volume of Albard Balendal‘s journal, but Tamztur himself had sold it to Saal Perryn. Tamztur had also come on business of his own, seeking a reading from the Oblivion Compass for a client. Derli gave him this reading in exchange for money to go down the River Styx, in order to reach the Drowning Court. He also paid most of the fee required to retrieve Indicus’ soul after the boatman extorted them in the Common Grave of Sheol.

Later, Indicus contacted him to try and get a magic suit of armour. He paid Tamztur half a million gold coins for this, prompting him to call in a favour from the ancient fire giant blacksmith Erlandur, using time travel. They commissioned a suit of armour from a Demon Overlord’s prison, belonging to a Rajah called the “Broken Shield.” This armour required generations of smiths to work on it and refine it.



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