A double agent formerly working for Mr. Artauche and some unknown organization


Early Life

Details about Talbot’s life are scarce, but some were gleaned from Daroon, who researched him extensively when Talbot came to ask him questions. He is old — hundreds of years at the least — and is known to have served numerous secret organizations, almost always in the pursuit of pieces of the Staff of Three Dragons. These organizations have included the draconic Chamber, the Lords of Dust, the Aurum, and others. His agenda is not known, but he has a history of betraying these organizations once he has retrieved one of the pieces. What he does with them after is unknown.

Serving the Aurum and Mr. Artauche

When the Eclipse Collective first met Talbot, he was serving as Remelius Artauche’s elite agent, one of only two to hold such a position. Talbot was in charge mainly of information gathering and surveillance, and so it was not a surprise to find him in the Thunderspire Labyrinth, collecting intelligence in the Seven-Pillared Hall. While the party worked to find the Rod of Order here, Talbot acted in a support role, helping to gather information and relaying what was learned to Mr. Artauche. He also assisted with their first attack on the Well of Demons.

The party returned to Mr. Artauche’s home in Vedykar after finding the Rod, and Talbot accompanied them. He did not, however, join them in their journey to the Eldeen Reaches in their search for the Chaos Gear. When Artauche’s betrayal was revealed and the party was attacked by Malavarn, Talbot returned, slaying a number of Malavarn’s men to protect the party. At this point, he revealed himself to be a double agent, working mainly for a second unknown entity (later revealed by Daroon to be the Chamber). He explained what Artauche had done and offered to take the Chaos Gear into safekeeping, which the party agreed to. Talbot then sent them to Glyphstone Keep by means of a scroll to confront Mr. Artauche.

Later Dealings with the Eclipse Collective

The Collective later encountered him in Grandir Shan Tiraleth‘s dream of the Day of Mourning, a memory of his time looking for the Rod of Order on Artauche’s behalf in 996 YK. In the dream, he gave Xulgos Adinimys a gift which strangely carried into the material world, though there has been no explanation as to how this might have happened.

Since then, he reappeared at the Eclipse Keep to request that the party recover a prisoner from Haka’torvhak bearing the Mark of War. Though he was unclear on the reasons for this at first, following the delivery of the prisoner, Talbot revealed that the Chaos Gear had been stolen or gone missing from wherever it was being kept.

A year or so later, Rilic Balendal sent out word that he was looking for Talbot, who supposedly held the journal of his brother, Albard Balendal. Talbot was friends with Albard, but regretfully informed Rilic that when he was in a difficult position, he sold the journal to the mercane merchant Tamztur. Rilic asked that Talbot seek out Tamztur and inform him that Rilic was looking for him. After this, Talbot departed.

The party learned from Daroon, a ghost in Mellifleur the Lichlord’s Cabal, that Talbot is far older than he lets on, and has often been known to associate with events relating to the Staff of Three Dragons. In light of this, the Collective summoned him again in the days leading up to the March of the Damned. They asked him an assortment of questions about the Staff of Three Dragons, which he answered, and some about his background, which he refused to.

His final meeting with the party had him giving away a coin which could either destroy or completely restore the flipper. The (literally) dual-sided nature of this gift made Rilic Balendal suspect that Talbot is actually the Traveler, although he neither confirmed nor denied this before leaving Dragon’s Crown.



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