A type of abomination called an "atropal," Suhnen is the second of the Three Empty Kings said to be capable of bringing forth a being called Atropus to force the world into rebirth.


Three Empty Kings

Few details are known of Suhnen’s life, due to his immense age and the secrecy surrounding him. When alive, Suhnen belonged to a race of giants now believed to be extinct, called galdurjotun in Giant, meaning something like “eldritch giants.” The eldritch giants predate the giant empire, and had created a unique form of magic before the dragons of Argonnessen raised their “lesser” kin. The eldritch giants’ magic, called incarnum, was used to establish dominance in pre-Empire Xen’drik.

In pursuit of power, the eldritch giants created something called the Black Road. It is not certain what the Black Road actually was; it may have been a ritual, or perhaps a literal place (as experienced by Kaleth). Whatever the case, following it resulted in nearly all of the eldritch giants disappearing from the face of Eberron. Three giants were left behind, which was crucial for the Black Road’s success. The three giants that remained, called the Three Empty Kings, managed to achieve Ascension, and unsuccessfully attempted deification, turning them into abominations called “atropals”. Suhnen is one of these Three Empty Kings.

After becoming an abomination, Suhnen was sealed in the Restless Halls of Suhnentun, protected by the terrifying undead entities known as tzitzimitl, born from the Black Road’s effects on the upper echelons of eldritch giant society. The tzitzimitl, when all awakened by the Herald of Atropus, would rouse Suhnen from dormancy and escort him into the world as his “angels.”


Suhnentun would later be encapsulated inside the Draining Crypts created by the lich Tristuro. Tristuro wanted to bind Suhnen and his six tzitzimitl, and managed to partially do this to one of the “angels,” but found he was not able to awaken the others. For this, the Herald of Atropus was needed. Tristuro brought Kaleth, the Herald, to them in order to make this pass, in turn awakening Suhnen as the Second Empty King to reenter the world.

The party weakened him alongside Zenza in a ritual that shifted the balance between death and undeath, tracked him down in Icegaunt Island in northern Khorvaire, and attacked him. He escaped through a portal to White Mountain in Charon’s domain, where he attempted to revive the Third Empty King, but the party stopped him in time, destroying him.



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