One of the three founding members of the Resolved, now the high priest of a warforged cult in the Mournlands



Sturmreiter was created in the Lhazaar Principalities in 899 YK by the Artauche family of House Cannith. At this time, he was called “Storm.” Together with his two “brothers,” Stahlstrauss and Glasschrei (then Steel and Glass, respectively), Storm was one of the first “true” warforged to be created, acting as a prototype for the mass-produced warforged that would emerge in the 960’s.

Like Steel and Glass, Storm was sold to Karrnath for an extravagant price and made to do work more fitting of a mindless golem. He did not share Steel’s optimism or Glass’ apathy, and came to deeply resent humans. When the three warforged were sent to destroy the White Arch Bridge connecting Rekkenmark and Thaliost, and following the subsequent betrayal, Storm joined his peers in swearing off servitude to humans forever. He took the name “Sturmreiter” as his new identifier, and joined the others in heavily modifying his body. Sturmreiter specialized in ranged weaponry, and attached an arm-mounted crossbow to one arm, a harpoon launcher to the other, and a ballista mounted on his back.

From then on, he served with the Resolved, fighting for the rights of warforged during the Last War. He was captured with the others by the Council of Azuun in 983 YK, and presumed dead, though he in fact escaped with his life. After the dissolution of the Resolved, Sturmreiter wound up in the Mournland, where he became the prophet and high priest of the Becoming God, a deity supposedly formed by the souls of all warforged. His body modifications have continued, and he now boasts some command over lightning.

He briefly imprisoned the Eclipse Collective (though Stahlstrauss was not present then), but they destroyed his incomplete body built for the Becoming God and escaped, much to his ire.

The Becoming God Awakens

Despite this setback, the followers of the Becoming God were not to be deterred. They repaired the damage done to the main body, but the head was not salvageable. They continued refining and improving the body, awaiting a suitable head, until Sturmreiter was visited by the arbiter Inevitables released into Eros and surrounding regions prior to the Inevitables’ assault on the Eclipse Collective. A subset of the arbiters were under the control of the axiomite Creator, who used them to seek out a suitable foundation for his new Primordial Inevitables. The arbiters discovered Fort Earthpass, and Creator spoke through them with Sturmreiter, who agreed to let Creator build a new head for the Becoming God.

The deal was concluded when Conlon Ostrennar gave Creator the Rod of Order, allowing him to use the power of the Obficinium — a machine built in the city of Fractal on a nexus of pure cosmic order — to construct the new head within minutes. When the head was complete, it was placed upon the Becoming God, spurring it to life, but making it something resembling an Inevitable more than warforged. Even though the Becoming God’s will was bound, Sturmreiter joined the Godforged in marching on Grey Titan’s Hold. He later had a change of heart about what was happening, and helped Conlon set up a situation where the Becoming God could be stopped.

Sturmreiter then retreated to Fort Earthpass with the remaining Godforged who had not been transformed into yantaruts by Creator.



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