Son of Caiphon

A charismatic star warlock who claims to be over two hundred years old. He desperately seeks release from his pact with the star entity Caiphon.



The man who would become known as the Son of Caiphon was born in Seren to a now-extinct tribe that worshiped the evil void dragon Khaiphonthar. Though he was a sickly youth, the Son had a keen mind and a quick wit, and managed to survive in the harsh and unforgiving world of the Seren barbarians. As a boy, he dreamed of wielding power to stand taller than those who were able to fight, and he was granted his wish. During a meteor shower, he was approached by a stranger who offered him everything he wanted. The boy knew enough to wonder about what this would cost him, but the stranger assured him that he would be able to pay the price. Hungry for power and a working body, he took the deal and became bound to the purple star of Caiphon.

Though Caiphon would give his “Son” great power, the Son of Caiphon was, in many ways, just a slave to the many and bizarre whims of his master. He was forced into killing his entire tribe, and to leave Argonnessen, beginning his two century journey to power. Over time, the Son of Caiphon would gain more control, but he would continue to feel Caiphon’s influence at all times. He began to seek a way to separate himself from the star entity, and learned that there may be such knowledge hidden in some of the libraries kept by the dragons of his homeland.

The Son of Caiphon returned to Argonnessen, where he tracked down Khaiphonthar and used his magic to bind the dragon to his will. Then, with the void dragon at his side, he went to the other barbarians of Seren and began a campaign of subjugation to raise a force large and strong enough to challenge the dragons. He won over the majority of the tribes through a combination of violence, mind control, and plain persuasion. Those who came to follow him he called the “Starborn,” which he declared to be a new tribe.

Crossing Conlon

As the Starborn continued to crush and absorb the other Seren tribes, they came to challenge the Emerald Marauders: the tribe of Conlon Ostrennar. The Son of Caiphon was particularly interested in this clan because of the rumours that another capable star warlock was born among them. He began harassing them, careful not to actually destroy them or put them into a situation where they might destroy themselves. In the case of the Emerald Marauders, the Son of Caiphon’s goal was to provoke Conlon into returning to Argonnessen, in an effort to judge the other warlock’s skills for himself.

His plans seemed to be paying off when he launched a particularly damaging attack on the Emerald Marauders, and Conlon’s brother Dralon Ostrennar went to Khorvaire to try and locate his brother and bring him back to help. Dralon found Conlon, but Conlon refused to return. Dralon was imprisoned in the Eclipse Keep for a time before being released, at which point he returned to Argonnessen empty-handed.

For more than a year after this the Son of Caiphon continued his conquests, leaving the matter to sit until he learned more about Conlon. Tales of the Black Sky’s power were spreading, and it was also rumoured that he had adopted a son, a youth of sixteen years named Morgue Conlonnar. In the month of Eyre, 1001 YK, the Son of Caiphon abducted Morgue Conlonnar, and convinced the Eclipse Collective that the boy had been made into a mind-controlled slave.

Joining with Conlon

Even with his adopted son taken, Conlon left the matter alone for months until Nymm of the same year, when he was finally convinced to attend a Tribesmeet in Seren between the few tribes that survived the Son of Caiphon’s conquests. Conlon joined with Herra Nelrannir to strike at the Son of Caiphon in the Tower of Heaven.

When the Collective confronted the Son of Caiphon in the Tower, surrounded by fawning disciples and the tamed Khaiphonthar, they learned that Morgue was never a slave at all, and was in fact being taught about arcane magic by the Son of Caiphon. He told Conlon of his plans, and offered for Conlon to join him. Conlon refused at first, disgusted by the Son’s approach, but the Son of Caiphon assured him that any amendments necessary could be made — Conlon was essential to the plan to learn more about, and perhaps gain control over, the star entities they were bound to. He told Conlon that, once their task was complete, he would leave Conlon to rule whatever they had seized, because he has interest in being any sort of king.

Conlon eventually agreed under two conditions: first, that the Son of Caiphon release all thralls, and second, that he be given control over Khaiphonthar. He then temporarily parted ways with the Eclipse Collective to join the Son of Caiphon in voluntarily joining the tribes and eventually taking on the dragons.

They succeeded eventually, after Dralon Ostrennar killed Vilak Selnar, and Conlon later killed his brother Dralon as part of the Tournament of Blades. With the power of the Staff of Three Dragons, Conlon managed to vastly accelerate their takeover of Argonnessen, claiming much of it under their banner.


Son of Caiphon

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