Saal Perryn

A young mage who claims to be the rightful successor to Jovi ir'Kade as the Archmage of Breland. Believes Rilic is a fraud, and wishes to out him as such.



Saal Perryn was raised a commoner in Wroat. Having some natural magical talent, he was found by the then-Archmage of Breland, Jovi ir’Kade. Jovi took Saal as an apprentice, and raised him to be a wizard of considerable skill. It was promised to Saal that he would become Archmage on Jovi’s death, though this was never made a formal line of succession; Jovi died before he was able to officially name Saal as his successor.

After Jovi was killed while fighting Zil’dejin Firebane for the spectacle of the Brelish Parliament, Rilic Balendal stepped in as an “unbiased” mediator, and in the fervor and confusion the Parliament named Rilic the new Archmage. This was in defiance to Jovi’s wishes, but not strictly against protocol, because Saal was never legitimized as a successor, much to the young man’s anger. Saal believed that Rilic was a fraud who was not capable of any of the feats of magic that he claimed in his many autobiographies, and so invoked an occasionally-overlooked tradition technically required by all of the Five Nations: to be named Archmage, Rilic had to complete the Eight Trials of the Archmage.

Saal ensured that he completed the Trials himself first, and then subjected Rilic to them, expecting failure. Rilic, however, was aided by his companions, including Kaleth, Conlon Ostrennar and even Derli d’Kundarak, all of whom were capable of using arcane magic. The Trials were completed successfully, legitimizing his position as Archmage, and Saal was left by the wayside.

Later, he purchased the second volume of Rilic’s brother Albard Balendal‘s journal from the mercane merchant Tamztur in the hope of uncovering something he could use to depose Rilic. He attempted to get Rilic to sign the journal at a book signing for Adventures of Rilic Balendal, vol VI: The Man Who Cheated Death, but Rilic refused. Rilic later tricked him into giving up one of the volumes of Albard’s journal.


Saal Perryn

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