Rilic Balendal

A mage famed across Khorvaire for his magical talent and astounding adventures, despite being a mundane- though uncanny- confidence man


“I’m very famous.”
– Rilic Balendal

Rilic was born in Aundair into a exceedingly minor, though prestigious, noble house. The Balendals claim they can trace an unbroken lineage of powerful mages going back to house patriarch Bale the Great and the founding of The Five Nations.

In accordance with the family tradition, he received an education (much like his brother) at one of the nation’s finest magical academies, but was expelled for cheating before the end of the second semester. Knowing he couldn’t go back to the family estate, he took on a strange second life as an adventurer, consulting “mage,” and a seller of “magical” items.

It was this embellished reputation that lead him to Wroat and subsequently, the Eclipse Collective.

Though known to survive the destruction of Rak Tulkhesh, his whereabouts are currently unknown. Before leaving Grey Titan’s Hold for the final time, he recommended Saal Perryn and Albard Balendal as possible successors for the roles of Archmage of Breland and the Spymaster of Eros respectively.

His untimely disappearance lead to the sales of his books quadrupling, contributing to an event later known as the Great Paper Shortage of 1003 YK.

Rilic Balendal

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