Remelius Artauche

Gold Concordian in the Aurum and very wealthy sponsor of adventurers (DECEASED 998 YK)


Early Life

Remelius Artauche was the last to be born in the dwindling bloodline of the Artauches, a once-prominent family in House Cannith. The Artauches were particularly famous for their pioneering work in developing the warforged, and it was the Artauches’ secret Creation Forge in the Lhazaar Principalities that produced what were arguably the first three warforged, Stahlstrauss, Sturmreiter and Glasschrei (originally Steel, Storm and Glass). This development earned the Artauche family major prestige within Cannith’s ranks.

By the time Remelius Artauche was born, however — approximately 70 years later — rampant spending and enormous egos had brought the Artuaches to their knees. Though there was still plenty of money, it no longer flowed as it once had, and even the family’s estate of Glyphstone Keep in Breland had fallen into disrepair. When Artauche came of age, he moved into his family’s summer home in Vedykar and joined the organization his father had belonged to: the Aurum. With their help, Artauche hoped to restore his family to their former glory.

Artauche’s extensive wealth and drive to collect powerful magical artifacts allowed him to rise to the rank of Gold Concordian, the second-highest level in the Aurum. He established a network of agents throughout Khorvaire, including his “elite” agents, Talbot and Malavarn.

Invasion of Wroat

Considerable research led Artauche to the discovery of very old texts relating to the Staff of Three Dragons. Artauche decided that this would be the path towards achieving his goals, and so he sent his agents looking for the three parts. Over the course of years, he discovered the location of each of the Rod of Order, Chains of Balance, and Chaos Gear. While his own agents were sent to retrieve the Chains of Balance from an unknown location, the Eclipse Collective was contracted after their success in Winterhaven to retrieve the other parts, which they did. Believing their usefulness to be complete after they had obtained the Gear, he ordered Malavarn to kill them, but the agent was killed instead. Talbot, a double agent, revealed Artauche’s treachery to the party and took the Gear into safekeeping.

Now realizing he would not be able to assemble the entire Staff of Three Dragons, Artauche decided to enact his “plan B.” He went to Glyphstone Keep, which had been abandoned for decades, and entered the secret Creation Forge beneath its halls that had evaded House Cannith disassembling. Using the Rod of Order as a power source, he spurred it into motion and, despite a lack of material, he was able to use the Rod’s power to generate a small army of near-mindless pseudo-warforged to try and invade Wroat from within and seize Boranel’s throne.

The Eclipse Collective chased him down, fought him in his forge, battled his warforged and engaged him in a massive battle in Wroat’s Freedom Square (now Eclipse Square), where Artauche desperately used the power of both the Chains of Balance and the Rod of Order against them. Though he nearly triumphed, it was not quite sufficient. Marlamin Tarmikos dealt the finishing blow to him, and while his death created an explosion that caused substantial damage, he was assuredly defeated. The Chains of Balance were given to Merrix d’Cannith, while the Rod of Order went missing (later revealed to have been captured in Grandir Shan Tiraleth’s dream).


Remelius Artauche

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