Ragdoll Killer

A serial killer in Eros with a habit of leaving behind ragdolls of his victims. His murders were religiously-motivated for the Cult of War (DECEASED, 1002 YK).



The Ragdoll Killer (real name unknown) was born in Breland, and was a soldier in the Brelish Devilkiller Legion (later re-purposed as the Eran Royal Legion). One of the earliest recruits, the Ragdoll Killer took to the special devil-fighting tactics well, and became particularly adept at protecting his mind and body from infernal magic. He fought in the Starpeaks Invasion, and discovered faith in the Sovereign Host after returning home.

The Ragdoll Killer’s status as a veteran made him a candidate for recruitment by the Cult of War, and he quickly latched on to its dogma. As part of the Cult of War, the Ragdoll Killer’s apparently random targets were actually deliberately picked to try and incite a war in Eros, either with its enemies or with itself. He operated for nearly two years in Eros as a serial killer, leaving ragdolls of his victims behind. He persisted despite investigation by Derli d’Kundarak, Girrrth Thicktrunk, and Kaleth (who was particularly obsessed with capturing the Killer), and also somehow obtained the Amulet of Dol Dorn, a legendary artifact, and attuned himself to it.


The Ragdoll Killer’s downfall came when he attempted to kill Derli d’Kundarak. The Killer donned his old Eran Royal Legion uniform and lured Derli into the basement of the Mop and Bucket tavern in Grey Titan’s Hold, under the pretense that it was a crime scene that needed Derli’s attention. He triggered a powerful summoning spell, pulling a Gate Archon into the basement which marked Derli as an abomination. The Ragdoll Killer escaped, but was pursued by Girrrth, Kaleth, and Rilic Balendal, who together paralyzed him, severed one of his arms, and rendered him indefinitely unconscious.

The Killer’s arm wound was cauterized, and he was brought into the hospital by Kaleth. Here, Conlon Ostrennar used his magic to insert Rilic into the Killer’s dream to find out more about his motives. It was discovered that, during his time in the Cult of War, he received the Mark of War, which was verified after Rilic left the dream. It was also revealed that his necklace, which appeared to be an ordinary symbol of the Sovereign Host, actually possessed a deeper enchantment, and was really a symbol of Dol Dorn. Derli and Kaleth believed it to be part of the set of artifacts of Dol Dorn, but as its enchantment was tied to its user’s life, Derli could not wear it then.

The Collective intended to use the Ragdoll Killer as a sacrifice to Mellifleur in order to enter Hopelorn, but before they could kill him Narcisa intervened and took him as a living offering instead. As part of a bargain with Daroon, Derli gave up the secret of the White Mountain in Charon‘s domain — that it was the tomb of the Third Empty King — in exchange for the Ragdoll Killer’s life. He was delivered to Derli gagged and bound. Derli removed his gag, and his final words were “I was your last chance at salvation” before Derli beheaded him to restore power to the amulet.


Ragdoll Killer

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