An enigmatic but extraordinarily powerful entity who claims to be the "essence of Gehenna." Made a nearly-unprecedented personal pact with Derli, in whom it has a vested interest.



The nature of the Oinodaemon is unclear. The thanadaemon that prepared Derli d’Kundarak for the pact-making claimed that it is the most powerful of all daemons, and according to the Oinodaemon itself, it is the “very essence of Gehenna.” Many claim that the being doesn’t exist at all, and is just a strange legend among the daemons.

The Oinodaemon exists in an entirely white void that lies somewhere within the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna, a kind of sub-plane within Mabar. From here, it either commands the daemons of that plane or else just oversees them. It appears as an inky, demonic face appearing within negative space, displaying some ever-shifting sky where stars continuously die.

In a shocking move, it formed a personal pact with a mortal: Derli d’Kundarak, whom it made the representative hexblade of the Gehennan pact in the Tournament of Blades. It later reappeared when Derli first died after making the pact, offering to revive him by making him more of a daemon, further damaging his mortal soul and driving him further into the daemons’ corruption.

With the aid of the Millennium Emperor, Derli withdrew from the Tournament of Blades, breaking his ties with the Oinodaemon. The Oinodaemon tried to sway him one last time, but failed.



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