Nysthera d'Thuranni

Elven assassin in service of House Thuranni. Operates in northeast Khorvaire. Was sent to recruit Tam'elanath into her House.


Nysthera is a dragonmarked scion of House Thuranni, operating all around northeastern Khorvaire outside of the Five Nations (so mainly in the Mror Holds and the Lhazaar Principalities). Among a number of other covers, she runs the Swinging Pendulums brothel in Krona Peak.

When her house learned that Tam’elanath Edroin had been exiled from House Phiarlan, and discovered that he was in the Mror Holds with the Eclipse Collective, Nysthera was ordered to recruit him. She subjected him to a trial to prove his worth to the house: the assassination of Turanank Laranath, a dwarven noble arriving in Krona Peak for an Iron Council meeting regarding the “Clan Raldarak” issue. Xulgos Adinimys was also hired for the same purpose, but only to make determining the assassin more difficult.

Turanank was successfully killed, and Tam’elanath was welcomed into the house. His first mission was to determine what was in House Kundarak‘s “Vault Zero,” but as Tam’elanath had to fight in the Starpeaks Invasion before he could discover the answer and died in Baator, that proved impossible.

She was later contacted again, this time by Rilic Balendal, who sought to acquire a piece of the Ring of Wondrous Control from House Thuranni. She asked him to kill Merrix d’Cannith for this purpose, a high-profile contract the House had acquired. Rilic instead imprisoned him and took his stolen suit of Arcane Fortress Armour, giving away one of its arms as proof of the deed he didn’t actually commit. Nysthera accepted this and considered the contract to be resolved.


Nysthera d'Thuranni

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