Nimozaran the Green

Self-proclaimed "High Septarch of the Lakeside Mages Guild" (and one of only three members). He and his guild have been absorbed by the Eclipse Collective, and he now acts as their steward.



Nimozaran has been reticent about his early life, but has revealed some details. He grew up in Karrnath and was associated with one of the Dragonmarked Houses, despite not having a dragonmark himself. He joined the Twelve, and rose to a very high degree of prominence there.

At some point, though, Nimozaran was banished from the Twelve. He has not revealed many details about this event, but the Twelve forbade him from using anything that could be considered “war magic” from that point onward. Nimozaran then moved to Lakeside where he founded a “guild” that consisted of only two people (three, after Lythanis Zyk joined) and declared himself High Septarch, a very lofty title for such a minor role.


In 998 YK, after Remelius Artauche‘s failed invasion of the city of Wroat, the Eclipse Collective was given the deed to Glyphstone Keep in Breland. During the first year the Eclipse Collective spent apart, Zil’dejin Firebane contacted Nimozaran and recruited him to oversee the keep’s renovation and take care of it in the party’s absence.

Since then, he has been an exceptionally loyal steward. Using magic, he has provided a few expansions to the keep, including repairing the five original towers, creating a teleportation circle, and bending space to allow it to be accessed from either its original location or Grey Titan’s Hold. He even took Conlon Ostrennar on as an apprentice, endeavoring to teach him how to better control his magic.

Nimozaran also gathered an alliance of smaller magic guilds in Karrnath to supplement the Starpeaks Alliance and led them into combat, breaking the Twelve’s restrictions on his magic. He later faced a trial for this violation in the city of Korth, but many spoke in his defense, including Zil’dejin Firebane. He faced some sort of penalty regardless, but he has kept his life.

Councillor of Eros

When Zil’dejin Firebane founded the fledgling kingdom of Eros, he named Nimozaran part of the Eran Royal Council as Councillor, responsible for interactions with the people. This fits in with the role he already had, and while he initially turned down the role, he eventually accepted, wanting to do whatever he can for the Collective.

Following a failed attempt by a mind flayer, Nimozaran was successfully abducted in the absence of the Collective. In Therendor of 1001 YK, his body returned to Grey Titan’s Hold with its brain replaced by some sort of gelatinous substance. Though lacking any useful intelligent function, he produced a magical scroll which, when read, opened the way to a hangar for some strange mind flayer vessel.

Nimozaran’s brain was extracted by the mind flayers to be used as a component in the “cloning machine” of Tharkul Kan, developed by the forgotten race that built it. His memories were used to extract versions of people he knew from alternate pasts. The Eclipse Collective retrieved Nimozaran’s brain from Vult and replaced it in his body. He was soon after named Magister of Eros, replacing Iadoes and leaving his position as Councillor. He eventually abdicated this position to Kaleth, retiring to become the Eclipse Collective’s steward and nothing more.

He held this role until the Eclipse Collective’s dissolution in 1002 YK, and even joined the March of the Damned up to Dragon’s Crown. He returned to Eros thereafter.


Nimozaran the Green

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