Mishva Garodya Stormhorn

Young aspiring dragonborn conqueror from the Stormhorn clan of Q'barra. Has raised an army from multiple clans in preparation to march on the west.



Mishva Garodya Stormhorn hails from the Stormhorn clan of Q’barra, a clan consisting of blue-scaled dragonborn. Positioned on Q’barra’s western edge, the Stormhorn clan was once a clan of aggressive conquerors and warriors that has since adopted a policy of placidity and cautious avoidance. Mishva was not satisfied with this life, and wished to bring back the ways of old in force. She began raising an army of like-minded dragonborn youths, not just from her own clan but from others as well. Rejected by their clans, they moved to an old castle in the jungle, which they worked to restore. They called their new base of operations Castle Garodya.

Much of Mishva’s plans remain enigmatic. Some suggest she is just a puppet of some greater force, and others say she is just posturing. But whatever the case, she insists that her designs on attack the west are very real, and her army shares her vision.

Zil’dejin Firebane visited her while he was seeking his father, who had taken a position as Mishva’s strategist. At this time, Mishva revealed that she was infatuated with Zil’dejin and wished to become his consort. Zil’dejin said that he would consider this.

Later, when Castle Garodya came under attack by the Poison Dusk, Zil’dejin was called by Mishva and Zil’kavak to aid in leading the defense. He did, and fought alongside Mishva in the battle. When the defense was over and the Poison Dusk defeated, Mishva demanded that he join her in producing an heir. Zil’dejin did so and got some freaky dragonborn lovin’.

Invasion of Valenar

As promised, in 1001 YK, Mishva’s army moved her armies to the west, marching on the elves of Valenar. Early in this conflict, the egg containing her unborn son was kidnapped by the elves, who attempted to hold it hostage. Mishva pushed aggressively to get it back, which was essentially the opposite of the response expected by High King Shaeras Vadallia. This begun a long and bloody conflict between the elves and the dragonborn.

Despite Mishva’s efforts, it was ultimately Zil’dejin who, in 1002 YK, retrieved their son from the elves, slaying Vadallia in the process. The child, a cobalt-scaled boy, was given the name “Zil’temeris.” In celebration of this, the two eventually produced yet another child: their second, and Zil’dejin’s fourth.


Mishva Garodya Stormhorn

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