Merrix d'Cannith

Current baron of Cannith South, based in the city of Wroat. A brilliant artificer.



Baron Merrix d’Cannith is the current head of House Cannith in Breland, also known as Cannith South. He is one of the most renowned artificers in Khorvaire today.

Merrix is the grandson of the first Merrix, son of Arren d’Cannith. He is also the former patriarch‘s grandnephew. He was an infant when the first warforged were made and is the youngest of the three leaders trying to become the “Great Gorgon.” Being the youngest of the three he also has the weakest claim, but his skill makes the other two leaders wary of him. Merrix does not want to be the leader for the sake of personal power; he simply feels that the other two are not strong enough to do a good job of it. He’s willing to lead for now, but he’d prefer to be left to his experiments. If he could find someone whom he thought was forceful enough to be taken seriously by the other houses and also willing to give Merrix a voice in house decisions, he’d be happy to hand over the routine politics of leadership.

The Eclipse Collective has encountered him a few times. The first was when Remelius Artauche was defeated and his family holdings fell to House Cannith, at which point they were given by Merrix to the Collective. He also took possession of the Chains of Balance for experimentation and safekeeping. The party later met with him to provide funding for “Project Fat Dragon,” another of his experiments that ended up being a literal flying fortress. Tam’elanath Edroin d’Thuranni captained the Fat Dragon during the Starpeaks Invasion.

The Equilibrius

In 1001 YK, Merrix’s experimentation on the Chains of Balance came to fruition in the form of the Cannith Balance Engine, a device made to tremendously amplify works of artifice, allowing construction to take place on a grand scale. The location and full operation of the Balance Engine are known only to Merrix. By mid-1002 YK, the Balance Engine had evolved to the point of being immobile, still hidden in a remote location but now completely non-portable. It took on the name “Equilibrius” at this stage.

The Equilibrius, later revealed to be encapsulated in a complex artificed structure on the ocean floor, seemed to be poised to push Cannith South into becoming the newly dominant branch of House Cannith. Jorlanna d’Cannith of Cannith West was ready to waive her claim to barony and acknowledge Merrix as legitimate. But in 1002 YK, Rilic Balendal and Kaleth would come to the Equilibrius and take back the Chains of Balance against Merrix’s pleas, rendering the massive, highly-intricate marvel of artificery completely inert.


Merrix d'Cannith

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