Masvirik, the Cold Sun

A Rakshasa Rajah, or Demon Overlord, associated with poison and the sun. He is imprisoned in Haka'torvahk, and exerts influence on the lizard-folk and dragonborn of Q'barra.


One of the 30 supremely powerful Rakshasa Rajahs (or Demon Overlords) that ruled the world in prehistory, Masvirik, better known as the “Cold Sun” is associated with poison and the sun. From his prison in Q’barra, he corrupts the lizardfolk, dragonborn and other scaled folk of the surrounding jungles. Many of these creatures fight against his influence, while many more succumb to it.

The Poison Dusk has recently been eradicated with the death of Masvirik’s prakhutu, which, as a fragment of Masvirik’s consciousness explained, was the “fulcrum” of the corruption. The interruption of an attempted ritual to free him, begun by Harkaj Flamebrow, resulted in a weakening of Masvirik’s influence. The Demon Overlord attempted to barter with Zil’dejin Firebane to become his new prakhutu, but Zil’dejin ultimately refused.

Masvirik has also interacted with Iadoes Lunaformer (in Masvirik’s consciousness fragment form, appearing as a featureless cloaked individual), who, upon learning a terrible cosmic secret, was purged of many of his memories, drastically altering his personality temporarily.


Masvirik’s prison is located immediately beneath Haka’torvhak, and obsidian citadel carved into a mountain in Q’barra. He is trapped in a massive dusk shard beneath Haka’torvhak’s Great Circle.


Masvirik’s prakhutu was Rhashaak, which, unusually, was not a rakshasa; Rhashaak was a half-fiend black dragon. Like Masvirik himself, Rhashaak was trapped in Haka’torvhak.

In 1001 YK, Rhashaak was killed by the Zil’dejin Firebane (willingly). If a replacement has been found, it is not known who or what it might be.

Masvirik, the Cold Sun

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