Marlamin Tarmikos

A powerful blackguard in service of the Blood of Vol. His arm became possessed by a Daelkyr artifact which threatened to consume his body. He rejoined the party and was later killed by a mind flayer (DECEASED, 1001 YK)


Early Life

Next to nothing is known about Marlamin’s life before joining the Blood of Vol.

Blood of Vol

At some point, Marlamin Tarmikos joined the Blood of Vol. He rose quickly in the ranks, gaining power as a blackguard in service of the faith. During the Last War, he fought alongside other members of his order for Karrnath, and in the final years of the war, he commanded a small army of undead on his own.

Joining the Eclipse Collective

In 998 YK, Marlamin was crossing Lake Galifar between Aundair and Eldeen Reaches on a quest bestowed by his church to investigate an extant monastery that the Crimson Monastery in Atur had lost contact with. The same ship saw the death of Eshunu as the Eclipse Collective sailed across the lake as part of their quest to retrieve the Chaos Gear.

Marlamin decided to accompany the Collective through the Eldeen Reacehes until he found the monastery. As they trekked through the forest, they came across Echohand Cave, the site of the seal on Dyrrn the Corruptor, the most powerful of the Daelkyr lords. Near the seal itself, a small shrine had been built to hold the Touch of Corruption, an extraordinarily powerful symbiont in the form of a glove. Against Garmeth’s warnings, Marlamin donned it for personal power, which he got in abundance, though at the cost of the symbiont gradually taking over his body.

They later discovered the Blood of Vol monastery and realized that the monks within had been killed. The structure had apparently been built over a gateway to Dolurrh, and The Winter Queen ordered the monks’ death when she took over the Fortress of Still Hearts.

Furious and seeking revenge, Marlamin joined the Collective when they breached the fortress, and he was the one who personally killed the Winter Queen in a shocking display of violence. He followed them back out of the fortress, was present for the death of Malavarn, and followed the Eclipse Collective to Wroat when they repelled Remelius Artauche‘s attempt at besieging the city. He was even the one to deliver the finishing blow on the Eclipse Collective’s one-time patron.

After the Siege of Wroat

Following the siege of Wroat, Marlamin traveled with Stahlstrauss for a short time. They ended up in the Mournland midway through the Collective’s adventures there, and Marlamin stayed with the party until Donata’s death and the appointment of Zil’dejin Firebane as figurehead emperor.

He left the party for some time after this as the corruption in his arm grew steadily worse. He discovered the path to rendering the Touch of Corruption inert, though at considerable cost: he had to kill and absorbs the souls of ten angels. The party did not see Marlamin again until the Starpeaks invasion in 1000 YK, when he unexpectedly brought an entire army of undead to the battlefield. Though the undead fell in battle, his contributions were invaluable. Marlamin vanished again after invasion, apparently to pursue the sealing on his arm.

Epic Adventures

Marlamin would return again, this time when the party encountered him in Menechtarun, standing in an ancient desert ruin among dozens of fallen undead. He had killed the last of the angels he required for his ritual, and the corona around his arm indicated that its terrible power had been sealed. He rejoined the Eclipse Collective immediately after this. He traveled with them up until their adventures on Vult, in the ancient pyramid of Tharkul Kan, where he was killed when a mind flayer devoured his brain. His body was later used as a weapon, fired through a tube by the party and destroyed to free the enraged souls of the angels he killed, which attacked the mind flayers out of fury.

Marlamin Tarmikos

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