Levistus, the Bringer of Ice

A Rakshasa Rajah, or Demon Overlord, associated with cold and ice. Frozen in a colossal iceberg called "ataz-bal" ("Unwelcome Heart").


One of the 30 supremely powerful Rakshasa Rajahs (or Demon Overlords) that ruled the world in prehistory, Levistus is associated with cold and ice. Frozen in a colossal iceberg called “ataz-bal” (“Unwelcome Heart”), he was once in Risia before being cast away by Zan-kyri into Fernia, where his prison remains in the City of Brass.


When he was first sealed, Levistus was put into a translucent ice-blue-and-black Khyber shard resembling an iceberg, standing two storeys tall. It was buried beneath the ice of the Frostfell. At some point, his prison was discovered by the Lords of Dust and by means of an elaborate and lengthy ritual, it was transported to Risia‘s Winter Sea. Levistus’ prison was given the name ataz-bal, meaning “unwelcome heart” in Aquan (the language of the ice genasi there).

Its corrupting influence spread quickly and even began to effect the ice devils of the southern hemisphere. Though both were imprisoned, Levistus’ and Cryonax, the Endless Winter’s long-stale war of influence was reigniting. Seeing the thread the ataz-bal posed, Zan-kyri threw it out of the plane when he had awakened the Frozen Colossus under the direction of the Eclipse Collective.

It hurtled through the Elemental Chaos and landed in Fernia, where it became a problem for the City of Brass who sealed it in a protective egg-shaped structure. The vizier was given the task of dealing with it, though unfortunately Levistus’ prakhutu, the rakshasa Atrava the Frozen, had prepared for this eventuality. She had already killed and possessed the vizier. With the help of the Eclipse Collective she killed Sultan Marrake al-Sidan al-Hariq ben Lazan and occupied the Palace of Cinders, covering it with a shell of ice and extinguishing the Sultan’s Breath, much to the rage of the efreeti. Levistus’ prison remained there, gradually freezing and corrupting the Sea of Fire, until it was expelled by Rilic Balendal using the vestiges of the Content Not Found: staff-of-three-dragon’s power.


Levistus’ prakhutu is Atrava the Frozen.


To expand his influence, Levistus relies on the Heralds of Ice: powerful arcane spellcasters who meet with him by means of a ritual performed by Atrava, who willingly accept a shard of his power in their hearts, which confers the Mark of Ice. These heralds are slowly overtaken by corrupting abyssal ice until they belong to Levistus in body and mind.

Current fledgling heralds of Levistus include:

Levistus, the Bringer of Ice

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