A young teenage boy who became Derli's squire after Derli savagely beat him in a one-on-one duel.


Lavrenti was born in the Brelish town of Starilaskur, but migrated to Grey Titan’s Hold with his family very soon after the founding of Eros.

In 1001 YK, at the age of fourteen, he joined Derli d’Kundarak’s Hammer of Dol Dorn as a recruit to be trained by the crusaders until adulthood, when he could finally join the army. He worked hard at his training and showed particular prowess with handling a weapon, favouring the sword.

When Derli’s Blade of Dol Dorn was rendered inert following a defeat by the Overlord, he came to the training grounds of the Hammer of Dol Dorn to seek somebody willing to enter a one-on-one fight with him to restore the Sword’s power. Lavrenti volunteered despite his youth and his inexperience. He fought well, even managing to land a single blow on Derli with his practice sword, but was soon beaten into unconsciousness and left in a coma for about a week’s time.

Once he awoke, Derli visited him in the hospital and asked that Lavrenti become his squire. Lavrenti is enthusiastic despite his still injured state, and promises to work harder to keep pace with Derli, saying that he refuses to disappoint Derli again.

Derli was careful about how he handled Lavrenti for a while, not wanting to put him in serious danger, but he eventually came to see things somewhat differently. Lavrenti was given to Ser Tabin Hamson, Coref Irvallo, and Nimozaran the Green for varying lengths of time for his education, and Derli also took him on journeys when he had the time. His last visit with Derli before Derli’s death (and ascension to godhood) was when he rode with Derli to gather Crusaders for the attack on Dragon’s Crown, but Lavrenti was not present for the March of the Damned itself.



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