Jovi ir'Kade

Former archmage of Breland, holder of that title in the Brelish Parliament. Killed in a duel with Zil'dejin (and secretly, Iadoes Lunaformer).


Jovi ir’Kade was a human wizard who held the title of Archmage of Breland for nearly a century. A very powerful mage, especially in his youth, Jovi was the last to undergo the Eight Trials of the Archmage for nearly a hundred years after the trials were deemed “excessive and pointless” by the Arcane Congress and The Twelve, before Saal Perryn managed to get Rilic Balendal to undergo the trials.

In his later years, Jovi took a greater interest in politics and became more involved in the Brelish Parliament. He was present when impostors of the Eclipse Collective, organized by Mordakhesh the Shadowsword, brought the corpse of Prince Oargev ir’Wynarn before the Parliament. An old-fashioned trial by combat was proposed as judgment for the Eclipse Collective, and Jovi volunteered to face Zil’dejin Firebane in personal battle. The fight was, shockingly, massively stacked against Zil’dejin; Jovi had experience fighting martial combatants before, and managed to lock Zil’dejin down quickly. He seemed poised to slay the dragonborn king when Iadoes Lunaformer subtly intervened.

Jovi was slain, and the matter was quickly swept under the rug by the appearance of a “neutral” party: the famous wizard Rilic Balendal, who was soon after named the new Archmage of Breland. Jovi’s actual apprentice and most capable successor, Saal Perryn, was outraged at this, but the public was more starstruck than concerned with process. Saal managed to eventually become Archmage, but only after Rilic engineered his own disappearance from the public eye at the dissolution of the Eclipse Collective.


Jovi ir'Kade

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