Life Before the Collective

Indicus comes from Fernia, the Sea of Fire, born some time in the -600s YK. On a whim, the Prime Jester found Indicus on his home plane and imprisoned him in time stasis, and then sold him as a slave in one of the city-states of ancient Sarlona, also circa -600 YK. The group that purchased him made of Indicus a pit fighter, and toured him around the different kingdoms to fight their local champions. This process continued for decades, making Indicus into the most successful pit fighter of all time, widely claimed to be unbeatable. While his owners were taking him to Corvagura, the kingdom of Drokkroth “the Dreambreaker”, Kaleth encountered the caravan after falling out of the Temporal Prime while chasing a “time ray”, a beast native to the Temporal Prime that Kaleth hoped to tame.

Not wishing to confront the caravan or alter this timeline, Kaleth opened a new slipgate to return to the Temporal Prime, at which point Indicus seized his opportunity and followed through. He was originally prepared to slay Kaleth, associating him with the Prime Jester, but Kaleth cleared up his identity and offered Indicus the chance to travel with him and escape the Temporal Prime — and, in turn, his slavery.

Joining the Eclipse Collective

Indicus assisted the Eclipse Collective in defeating the Overlord and restoring the Chronocracy to the normal flow of time. Afterwards, Kaleth returned the entire group, Indicus included, to the main timeline: more than a thousand years later than the time Indicus was familiar with. He was given a room in the Eclipse Keep, and as he had no other opportunities and was indebted to the party, he joined the Eclipse Collective.

Following Gongrack‘s death, Indicus came to possess to the lamp in which the div Durzu Vatan resided. During the party’s adventures in Mabar, the Endless Night, Indicus summoned Durzu Vatan to try and facilitate passage on the River Styx, which led to a bizarre series of circumstances that nearly culminated in Indicus’ death.

Before the March of the Damned, Indicus sought Kaleth’s help in acquiring a suit of armour to protect himself from the coming dangers. Kaleth, with the cosmic merchant Tamztur, took Indicus to the Giant Empire in the distant past, where they paid the fire giant armorsmith Erlandur a vast sum to forge a suit for him. Erlandur then began construction of the Overlord Armour, using a Khyber shard that was the prison of a Demon Overlord called the Broken Shield. The work took thousands of years to complete, passed on from master to apprentice. When Indicus went to retrieve it in the future of that timeline, he found that the version of himself in that timeline had already acquired it, and had been irrevocably corrupted by it. Indicus and Kaleth then fought this reality’s Indicus in a pit of his own construction for the armour, and narrowly made it out.

Later, while the party was in Dolurrh, they came face-to-face with the Rogue Reaper. Indicus and Girrrth Thicktrunk attempted to fight the Reaper, but both were slain. Indicus was restored to life as a servant of the Reaper, his fires now burning white instead of orange. He gained some power over death as a result of this change. After the party achieved victory against Content Not Found: rak-tulkhesh, Indicus’ transformation completed, and he became known as the Prime Reaper, a sort of leader among the Grim Reapers of Eberron. He still wears the Overlord Armour.


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