Iadoes Lunaformer

Moon-obsessed tiefling wild sorcerer, who may or may not have come from the seventh moon, Lharvion. Killed by a chaos roc while falling from Sanzerathad to Illandyano (DECEASED, 1001 YK)


Iadoes Lunaformer was a powerful tiefling sorcerer whose magic made use of a natural connection to chaos. He was described as “somewhat alien” in appearance, with pale white skin resembling the moon Lharvion, from which he claimed to draw power, and which he worshiped. He held the rank of Archmage of Eros, but was widely feared for his often unpredictable nature and his terrifying power.

Although he was loyal to the Eclipse Collective, Iadoes typically regarded the lives of those outside of the Collective as cheap and expendable, and tended to see situations in a very different light than others. When confronted with problems, Iadoes was quick to use his powers to tap into raw chaos, which made his time with the party one frought with unpredictability and strange circumstances. Even without his powers, Iadoes was manipulative and occasionally cruel to those outside the group, especially when far away from his companions.

Still, his arcane powers proved a major asset to the group, and he was instrumental in the early development of Eros, as well as the formation of the Cult of Lharvion.



Iadoes’ origins are a mystery. The white-skinned tiefling was known to give conflicting stories of his past, sometimes claiming to have come from the moon Lharvion itself, various places in Eberron, and the plane of Kythri. Other than occasionally citing seemingly arbitrary locations as his birthplace, Iadoes spoke very little of his past.

Joining the Eclipse Collective

While leading the Brelish Devilkiller Legion to Thaliost after the Starpeaks Invasion, Zil’dejin Firebane encountered Iadoes in a smoking crater, chained to a white boulder. Zil’dejin drew closer to investigate and found the tiefling to be dazed and incoherent. Zil’dejin decided to free Iadoes anyway, after first designating a soldier specifically to slap sense into Iadoes. Following some discussion and slapping, Zil’dejin discovered Iadoes’ sorcerous talents, and also noted the tiefling’s complete lack of understanding of currency, and so gave him payment in the form of bread to join the army’s march to the city.

Iadoes revealed himself to be an effective ally, though initially he was helpful only when bribed with bread and threatened by slaps courtesy of the Slapadin. He continued to follow Zil’dejin after the defeat of Adal ir’Wynarn and High King Shaeras Vadallia‘s combined forces at Thaliost. With time, but gradually came to require fewer slaps and loaves of bread until he was a full-fledged member of the Eclipse Collective, no longer demanding bread or recoiling from the Slapadin’s hand (often).

Adventures with the Collective

Iadoes traveled with the Collective for their adventures in Menechtarun against Jhulae Ssambra and Jevan Ssambra, as well as the ancient king Ammul, and the efreeti of Fernia. His mastery over cold proved instrumental in defeating the largely fire-aligned enemies of the party. He also acquired the Mark of Winter, the Demonmark of Levistus, the Bringer of Ice.

He later participated in the Collective’s breach of the Q’barran stronghold of Haka’torvhak, where he met Raveth Funa’Koshe and acquired the Chaos Gear, immediately becoming attuned to it. During this time, he also grew two separate faces, one permanently fixed in his obsession with the moons and the other being an extreme representation of his evil side.

Iadoes also joined the party when they visited Vult, the furthest moon from Eberron. During the latter of these adventures, a tremendous surge of chaotic power while tapping into his magic source led to Iadoes duplicating the moon of Lharvion, such that two now orbit Eberron at antipodes. Here he was also separated from his two other faces, which became independent entities, and he also acquired a second Demonmark here: the Mark of Decay, aspected to Content Not Found: timesus.

In his downtime, Iadoes built the Tower of the Archmage in Grey Titan’s Hold, lightly infused with chaos magic to make the interior occasionally rearrange itself. He founded the Cult of Lharvion, a religious sect originally comprised of the homeless of Grey Titan’s Hold, and named Gummy Joe as his high priest. When not attending to his duties as Archmage of Eros or High Prophet of the Cult of Lharvion, Iadoes spent much of his spare time ranting about the moons of Eberron and creating a tome full of mad drawings, rants, and scribbles relating to Lharvion and the “thirteenth moon”, once believed not to exist, but now known to a small few as Atropus, the World Born Dead. Iadoes’ book of madness is now used as a holy text by the Cult.

Iadoes’ last adventure with the party was in Kythri. While descending from the monastery of Sanzerathad to the ancient city of Illandyano below, the party was beset by huge birds called “chaos rocs,” natives of the plane. Two of them struck at Iadoes and turned him to stone while he was using his magic to fly down, causing his body to shatter on impact.

Mercifully, Iadoes had no children, but he is survived by the Cult of Lharvion.

Iadoes Lunaformer

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