High King Shaeras Vadallia

High King of the Valaes Tairn, the elves of Valenar. Though not a monarch in the conventional sense, he still controls great power within their domain, and his combat prowess is said to be extraordinary.



Shaeras Vadallia was the High King of Valenar, making him its ruler, though in a looser sense than in most other monarchies. In 965 YK, he led his peers to rise against Cyre, which at that point both employed his people as mercenaries and claimed ownership of the land they occupy. With this, he became High King, officially leading the Valaes Tairn warband, greatest of Valenar’s warband, but also earning allegiance from the other warbands in the process.


Vadallia led the Valaes Tairn warband, but in times of need could summon and rally other warbands to his cause. The Eclipse Collective came seeking the support of these warbands, and at this time they discovered that Vadallia had begun to dream. This is a highly unusual occurrence, but his spiritual guides informed him that a long time ago, Grandir Shan Tiraleth, eladrin lord of Shaelas Tiraleth, had experienced something similar. Vadallia went to find the lost feyspire ruins in the Mournland, bringing the Collective with him.

While there, he discovered that Drokkroth “the Dreambreaker” was attempting to manipulate him into retrieving the Rod of Order from Grandir’s dream. The plan backfired, so Drokkroth captured Shaeras and prepared to end his life, believing him to be too far gone with quori influence bleeding into his mind. The party prevented him from doing so and freed him, getting him treatment in Taer Lian Doresh before getting him back to his throne at Taer Valaestas. In exchange, he provided multiple horse-riding warbands for the Starpeaks Alliance, leading them into the breach himself.


In the wake of the Starpeaks Invasion, Shaeras Vadallia was hired as a mercenary for an extravagant price by Adal ir’Wynarn, who intended to seize the opportunity to take back Thaliost for Aundair. The elves were driven back by a number of allied armies led by the Eclipse Collective.

Later, the elves would come into conflict with the dragonborn of Q’barra led by Mishva Garodya Stormhorn, who was trying to led a campaign to conquer Valenar. This conflict saw the abduction of the firstborn son of Stormhorn and Zil’dejin Firebane, Zil’temeris, who remained in Valenar custody for about a year before Zil’dejin came to the capital of Taer Valaestas in disguise. During this rescue mission, Vadallia was killed by Zil’dejin.


High King Shaeras Vadallia

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