High Cardinal Krozen

One of the most powerful men in the Church of the Silver Flame; it is rumored there may be more to him than there appears



In his youth, Krozen was an idealistic crusader of the Silver Flame. His single-minded dedication to the faith and his willingness to stand behind his convictions earned him the position he holds today. Krozen is a cardinal of the Church of the Silver Flame, the highest position anyone can hold in the church after the Keeper of the Silver Flame. Krozen was once known for his strong stances on Church matters and highly active role in the Church.

Since the destruction of Cyre, however, Krozen has become paranoid, conducting extensive correspondence in secret and seldom leaving Flamekeep. Claiming concern for his safety, he holds audiences with his peers only in private chambers, and only then after forcing visitors to submit to elaborate security protocols. When Krozen does finally meet someone face to face, he is invariably armed, even if his visitors aren’t. Some suspect that he has fallen from grace and become corrupt.

Krozen’s caution, however, has not diminished his power. Despite all investigations, allegations of any misdeeds remain unproven.

The Search for the Dreamheart

In 999 YK, Krozen contacted the Eclipse Collective about the strange happenings on Kapaerian Island. When the nature of the Dreamheart in Scora Bael was discovered, Krozen’s agents asked the party to bring the artifact back to him in Flamekeep. They did so, and in exchange he promised a Flame (unit) of Thrane archers for the Starpeaks Alliance, which he delivered.

In 1002 YK, Zil’dejin visited Krozen again, and found him looking physically worn and acting erratic. Zil’dejin also heard rumours of Krozen’s association with Vice Harbringer, who was known to be attempting to kill Jaela Daran. Zil’dejin could not prove the connection, but suspected Krozen of being a traitor to Thrane, and possibly corrupted by the Dreamheart.

Krozen later attempted to imprison Derli and subject him to interrogation when Derli came to visit the Keeper of the Flame. Derli escaped before the inquisition began.


High Cardinal Krozen

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