An elderly halfling druid in Greenheart. Discovered the location of the Chaos Gear.



Graum is a member of the Wardens of the Wood, a druidic circle that acts as the governing body of the Eldeen Reaches and is dedicated to protecting Greenheart. Graum’s duties mainly include monitoring the Children of Winter, a dissident druidic circle focused on destroying all of civilization and its members to return nature to its purest state.

Graum learned that the Children of Winter had discovered the Chaos Gear. When Remelius Artauche discovered that Graum had this knowledge, he dispatched Malavarn to locate the Gear. But Malavarn proved a poor choice and offended Graum, after which the halfling druid refused to offer his knowledge to somebody who failed to respect the laws of Greenheart. The party met with him and, with some convincing, he shared what he knew and provided them with some food on the condition they remove Malavarn and his enforcers from the settlement.



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