Grandir Shan Tiraleth

Once the undisputed lord of the now-ruined feyspire of Shaelas Tiraleth. Played an instrumental role in the Day of Mourning by delivering the Rod of Order. After that day he waited for years until he could recapture the Rod in his dream.



Grandir was the eladrin lord of Shaelas Tiraleth, the Court of the Silver Tree: the largest and most splendorous of the feyspires of Thelanis. The symbol of lordship in Shaelas Tiraleth was the Rod of Order, which Grandir claimed became their property over a thousand years ago. The Rod was kept in a region of Thelanis accessible through the branches of the eponymous Silver Tree at the feyspire’s heart. Grandir rarely removed the Rod, and prerferred to hold it only during his sojourns there with his nobles.

Late in his life, Grandir started experiencing dreams during his meditative trances. This is highly unusual; much like elves, eladrin do not typically dream. This was, in fact, direct action taken by the quori in an effort to manipulate him. Grandir came to believe the dreams were divine messages of some kind. Over time, they became firmly entrenched in his consciousness. He was manipulated into retrieving the Rod of Order and bringing it to Mordakhesh the Shadowsword’s attempted Reunion. By supplying part of the Staff of Three Dragons, Grandir played a direct role in the Day of Mourning.

After the cataclysm, Grandir stumbled back to Shaelas Tiraleth a broken man, staggered by the weight of what he had done. His feyspire had survived the initial impact of the Mourning, but Grandir knew it could not hold against the wasting power over the Mourning forever, and he knew that they would not be returning to Thelanis. Grandir worked dark magic that spread a curse through his people, causing all eladrin in the city to be gradually absorbed into crystal. When an eladrin was fully encased, they entered the dreams of the sleeping Grandir, who had also sealed himself in the crystal. Soon, this fate took nearly everyone, but Grandir’s dreams became troubled. He dreamed only of the Day of Mourning, over and over, constantly reliving his grave mistake and forcing his people to relive it with him.

In this dream, he subconsciously grabbed the Rod of Order after it was used by Remelius Artauche. The Eclipse Collective entered Grandir’s dream and destroyed it from within before drawing Grandir’s body out and slaying him once and for all. They then took the Rod of Order from him.


Grandir Shan Tiraleth

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