Glanvar Soranath

Former slave under Cabor's Chains, delivered the killing blow to Cabor himself (DECEASED, 99? YK)


Glanvar Soranath was a dwarf born in the Mror Holds to Clan Soranath, a clan renowned for the skill of its craftsmen. Glanvar, a weaponsmith, sought work in Cyre during the Last War.

While working there, he was captured by Cabor of Cabor’s Chains, the very same man who founded the slaving company. He was pulled along with Cabor’s landship caravan for several years, without any prospective buyers purchasing him due to his aggressive attitude. When Zil’dejin Firebane began a rebellion against the slavers and started seeking out other landship caravans, Glanvar caught word of the events before Zil’dejin’s slave revolt even reached his caravan.

He had been preparing for such an event, and had spent some time creating a makeshift glaive with the rudimentary materials and scarce time available to him. With this improvised weapon, he slew Cabor and launched his own rebellion. Glanvar was killed in the events that followed, but his soul entered the weapon, making it into a significant magical item that would later be recovered by Borahm the Scourge. Zil’dejin retrieved Glanvar’s Glaive when he killed Borahm.

Glanvar Soranath

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