Garmeth Shitorai


Early Life

Garmeth Shitorai was born to a family of displaced githzerai living in the Shadow Marches. In the chaos and terror of the Last War, Garmeth’s parents feared that they would not be able to protect Garmeth from the growing dangers of the world. Some traveling monks of the Order of Labyrinths encountered Garmeth’s parents while leading other monks to the secluded monastery in the Byeshk Mountains. Garmeth’s parents knew a little of the Order, which was a refuge for githzerai on Eberron. The Order of Labyrinths took in children of all races — though mainly githzerai — in order to protect them from the War and teach them how to keep themselves and the world around them safe. So it was with Garmeth.

In the Order of Labyrinths, Garmeth learned the Stone Fist style of combat, and the Labyrinthine Mind style of thinking to protect his mind from psionic outsiders. He learned from all masters of the monastery, but was directly apprenticed to Master Ornal, whom Garmeth came to see as a father figure. One day, Ornal came into conflict with Grandmaster Raveth Funa’Koshe, highest ranking of the monks. Raveth was outraged when he learned that Ornal had been promoting recruitment from war refugees, which Ornal had managed to keep secret for years. Raveth demanded that the initiates be banished from the order, but Ornal refused. In response, Raveth killed every master and senior monk, leaving only the recent recruits alive.

The survivors were at a crossroads, and ultimately broke into two groups. Garmeth led those who wanted to keep the Order functioning, while Druar led the monks who wanted to give up. Garmeth led his group to many ruins and secluded places in search of somewhere to found a new monastery, but gradually, his followers abandoned him. He became a thief to survive and continued searching for a new potential monastery.

Eclipse Collective

In his search among ruins for a new monastery, Garmeth investigated the ruins of the Shadowfell Keep in Winterhaven. While investigating, he was captured by Kalarel‘s forces and imprisoned beneath the keep alongside Lucan Vrinsk d’Medani. He was freed by the Eclipse Collective, and after helping them defeat Kalarel, decided to remain with them in order to earn the funds needed to rebuild the Order, keep his fighting skills sharp, and continue his ongoing fight against the aberrations plaguing Eberron.

Garmeth remained with the Eclipse Collective for a year or so. In that time, he instigated a riot in Thaliost together with Lucan (after getting arrested for extremely suspicious behaviour), founded a new chapter of the Order of Labyrinths in the Eclipse Keep, began developing a new style of combat modelled after tigers, and had a finger cut off for asking too many questions of Ikar the Black.

While the Collective was in Metrol for the first time, Rave, the Magebred Lord of Death, informed Garmeth that Raveth had visited the ruined city as well. He gave Rave a parcel with instructions to pass it on to Garmeth when he arrived, to deliver to the Zuokelled Monastery on the edge of the Mournland. Garmeth agreed without asking any questions, and when the adventure in the Mournland was complete, he delivered the parcel to Drath, the Zuokelled Master. The parcel was then revealed to contain a Seed of Corruption, an artifact of Dyrrn the Corruptor, which began spreading horrible alien energy throughout the monastery.

As a result of the Seed of Corruption’s influence, Drath was transformed into a hulking monster, who beat Garmeth to within an inch of his life. As Garmeth hit the ground, the now-living floor of the monastery swallowed him. The Collective was not able to recover his body.

Garmeth Shitorai

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