Flarran the Grizzled

Former scavenger under Ikar the Black, now retired in Vathirond



Flarran “the Grizzled” was born in the Brelish town of Vathirond. He was conscripted to fight for Breland during the Last War. Flarran never rose to a prominent rank, and focused only on keeping himself alive.

After the war, he joined Ikar the Black‘s then-fledgling company, Ikar’s Salvage. Arguably the most daring salvage company to explore the Mournland, Ikar’s Salvage became very successful for their willingness to make runs into Metrol, something no other salvage company would do.

In one of his first runs, Flarran contracted the Mourning Sickness, and with each successive run, it got worse. He sustained a leg injury at one point and, because of his inability to heal from it, he decided to retire. From then on, Flarran spent most of his time chipping away at his savings by drinking in Vathirond. The party met him here to enlist his help in crossing the Mournland’s border. He gave them some useful advice, but he refused to escort them.

Much later, after the founding of Eros, Flarran decided to move into Grey Titan’s Hold, where he shared with the Eran Royal Council some survey maps he had made during his time with Ikar.


Flarran the Grizzled

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