Father Locust

A prominent and powerful priest of the Horseman of Famine, relentlessly and zealously devoted to his master. He is rumoured to be extremely powerful.



Barring the Harbinger of Famine, Father Locust is the most powerful worshiper of the Horseman of Famine. Father Locust, the so-called “Apostle of the Lysogenic Prince,” has been blessed with near-immortality by his master, who imbued Locust with a drop of his own vile substance. Like a plague of literal locusts, Father Locust travels Eberron, setting up cults of Famine and then leaving once they can support themselves, spreading blight and famine in his wake. In so doing, Father Locust wishes to become incarnated as a powerful daemon, or else to be granted true oblivion by being devoured by his master.

Father Locust constantly used magic to change his appearance, but two features remained constant: a starving appearance, and eyes tainted with moving black droplets.

Encounters with the Collective

Father Locust was inadvertently summoned by Nelfach as part of an enchantment guarding his tower. Locust was preparing to consume Kaleth’s and Rilic’s souls, but before he could, they struck a deal with him. He gave them a small bag of eggs that, when planted among healthy, growing crops, would produce a terrible plague of pests.

Father Locust showed up some time later in the Teardrop Palace. At this time, Derli d’Kundarak was attempting to purchase angel tears for Moon’s Gate to make a holy oil that he would use to bless his weapon against the atropals Zenza and Suhnen. Father Locust promised Derli that the tears were available in Famine’s domain, but Derli refused to go.


Father Locust

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