Farthing Meohlden

The Treasurer of the Kingdom of Eros.



Farthing Meohlden was a dwarf from the minor Meohlden clan of the Mror Holds, an offshoot of Clan Doldarun. Like their parent clan, the Meohlden clan was known for its skill with wealth and finance, but without the same love for grandeur and intrigue. Farthing, despite his calm and quiet nature, found himself growing bored in the deliberately dull environment of the Meohlden clan, and so when the Eclipse Collective began the first of their forays into the Mournland to settle Eros, Farthing joined the expeditions in the hopes of becoming part of something larger.

His efforts did not go unnoticed by the Collective. When the kingdom was officially established, Farthing was named its treasurer. He took his role very seriously, although he did not speak up much at meetings of the Royal Council. He eventually moved from the capital to the town of Thanes, where he oversaw the Eran Royal Mint.


Farthing Meohlden

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