An arcane archer who was the lover of Sidgevin. Killed in a ranged duel with Xulgos (DECEASED, 1000 YK)



Before they Feyspire of Taer Lian Doresh fell into Dal Quor, Evessa was an eladrin holding a minor title of nobility. An arcane archer of middling skill, her abilities improved remarkably during her time spent on the edge of the Region of Dreams. With her new power, she became strangely single-minded, focused only on improving her skills. Her dedication drew the attention of Sidgevin, who took her as a lover, and she became his second in enforcing the will of Shan Lian Doresh.

Though Evessa did not share Sidgevin’s fondness for duels, she felt she could not be beaten if she was forced into one-on-one combat with another archer. She was, indeed, never defeated by an enemy archer in her lifetime: Evessa challenged the hunter Xulgos Adinimys and defeated him, as she boasted she would.

Moments later, she was killed by Derli and Zil’dejin Firebane, who used a much closer approach.



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