Early Life

In a time almost forgotten, Eshunu was a Hashalaq quori, one of the judges of his kind. When the quori opened a gate from Dal Quor and invaded Eberron, Eshunu participated in their war against the giants. Somewhere in the middle of the conflict, however, Eshunu turned on his own kind, appalled at their behaviour and attempts to conquer Eberron, and citing further issues more tied to the deep and complex politics of the quori.

Eshunu’s attempted rebellion failed, and as punishment, he was imprisoned in a shardmind: a crystal body that binds his body in a dormant state and traps most of his memories and powers. As the quori are dream creatures, the shardmind forces a sort of reverse dream, preventing Eshunu’s true from from “waking” for as long as the shardmind exists.

Left mute and stripped of memories and most independent thoughts, Eshunu was kept more or less as a slave in the nation of Riedra on the continent of Sarlona.

Arrival in Khorvaire

In the 700s YK, Eshunu ended up in the Eldeen Reaches of Khorvaire via a teleportation spell gone awry. At this time, he had virtually no free will left, and stayed motionless in the Towering Wood until he was found by a small circle of druids. These druids took him in and, over more than a century, restored Eshunu’s will back to him and taught him their secrets.

Eshunu still could not remember much of his past as a quori, nor could he speak, but he began to accept his new life. He found himself attuned to the scarab beetles of Sarlona as his totem animals, and formed a deep spiritual connection with them. Eshunu had the ability to conjure or transform into swarms of scarabs, and was rarely seen without a few crawling on his body.

When he felt comfortable enough to do so, Eshunu parted ways with the druids and wandered until he encountered Stahlstrauss. Stahlstrauss was also alone at this time, after the Resolved were butchered by the Council of Azuun. The two traveled together for many years.

The Eclipse Collective

While traveling through Karrnath, Eshunu and Stahlstrauss ran afoul of a band of hobgoblins aligned with Kalarel in Winterhaven. The hobgoblins defeated the pair, and imprisoned them beneath Shadowfell Keep. They were later freed by the Eclipse Collective during their adventure in Winterhaven. After helping the Collective defeat Kalarel, they decided to join the party, and made it official when signing with the party’s original patron, Remelius Artauche.

Eshunu was instrumental in the quest for the Rod of Order, and joined the party in their search for the Chaos Gear. While crossing Lake Galifar to get to the Eldeen Reaches in pursuit of the Gear, the party was briefly imprisoned in their dreams by the quori. Only Stahlstrauss and Eshunu, who did not need sleep, remained awake when agents of an organization called the Dreaming Dark — mortal representatives of the quori — boarded their boat. They incapacitated Stahlstrauss and brought Eshunu down with special weapons that shattered his body into a pile of crystals, which they swept up, took to their own craft, and fled.

It was later learned that Eshunu’s shardmind body was taken back to Sarlona.


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