A fire giant blacksmith of legendary skill, who forged the Demon Overlord Armour (DECEASED).



Erlandur was a blacksmith of legendary skill during the Age of Giants, specializing in the making of armour. Living in a city in Menechtarun under the reign of Ammul, Erlandur enjoyed great prestige and wealth. These riches were rained upon him by the many giants who would come from across the empire to see him work, and commission pieces of their own.

He had a unique talent for working with Khyber shards containing the souls or essences of fiends, and produced several items of power and significance this way, including the Bloodfire Bronzemail made with a piece of Zelishkar of the Bitter Flame’s soul. He also forged the artifact suit of Overlord Armour, which he made from a piece of the prison of a Rakshasa Rajah called “the Broken Shield.”

The Overlord Armour was considered to be Erlandur’s masterwork, although he did not complete it in his lifetime. The work was carried on by his apprentices, and their apprentices, and so on over the course of thousands of years. Each craftsman worked on the armour only once in each of their lifetimes, and then left it to steep in the fires of an active volcano until it was time for the next armorsmith to do his part.

In the main timeline, Erlandur’s armour was destroyed by the Broken Shield’s prakhutu before it could be finished. In an alternate timeline, however, the suite was completed, and this suit was brought to the main timeline by Indicus.



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