Former warforged revolutionary, now settled down as a ferryman between Rekkenmark and Thaliost.



Equis was one of the first “official” warforged to be created, emerging from a House Cannith Creation Forge in 965 YK. He was sold to Aundair, whom he served loyally for five years before leading a number of his warforged compatriots to desert the army. Unlike the Resolved, who built an entire army of rebellious warforged, Equis’ group never numbered more than 10, even at its peak. Instead, they favoured guerrilla tactics, making sabotage runs and assassinations against those who would oppress the warforged. He became renowned among his people as a revolutionary hero.

After the war, Equis moved to Rekkenmark to live a simple life as a ferryman moving between his home city and Thaliost.



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