At the time of his death, Elyas was a level 12 invoker (4th edition rules).



Before his adventures with the Eclipse Collective, Elyas’ most recent incarnation found him in Dar Ulatesh, a major port city in the Sarlonan nation of Riedra. Though he had only vague recollections of reincarnations before that, he believed that he had many, and asserted that all of them had some relation to his god, Aureon.

In Riedra, Elyas witnessed first-hand the oppression of the people by the nation’s “Inspired” rulers. For a time he worked diligently here to promote education of the masses (which was and still is mostly outlawed), and the forbidden worship of the Sovereign Host, while pursuing his own scholarly interests when possible.

Eventually, though, it became more difficult for him to continue this lifestyle. The Inspired Lord Ulatorn, ruler of Dar Ulatesh, soon became aware of his activities and began to make moves to stop Elyas. Never the less, Elyas persisted in Riedra, until he learned of an artifact of great importance to him in Khorvaire: an ancient tome originating at the dawn of the world, containing knowledge lost for thousands of years. He boarded a ship to the Lhazaar Principalities to seek information on this rumour.

Joining the Eclipse Collective

It wasn’t long before Elyas arrived in Karrnath, where, in the city of Vedykar, he was captured by the revival branch of Cabor’s Chains that was active in the city. When the Eclipse Collective eradicated this group of slavers, Elyas was freed alongside the other captives. He explained (in deliberately vague terms) his goals, and the party believed they were in line with the Collective’s.

Elyas traveled with the party from there on, even up to the battle with Remelius Artauche. He held Glyphstone Keep when the party pursued Remelius himself, destroying dozens of the jury-rigged warforged. Though he avoided the spotlight in this battle, he was none the less integral to its success.

During the year apart Elyas received a prophetic vision that led him west, where he began to acquire some followers. They ventured into the Seven Caves of Darguun, where he unsealed an ancient vault containing long-lost knowledge about the Daelkyr. Elyas was rewarded for his discover by unlocking some of his inborn angelic power, lost to him for many incarnations.


When the Eclipse Collective traveled to the Mournland, Elyas accompanied them. They became entangled in Magebred politics, and agreed to defeat the Lord of Spirit Elomir, who had become infected with madness from Tul Oreshka’s Gift. A series of misfortunes led to the party becoming split up in Elomir’s palace, leading to Zil’dejin Firebane and Garmeth Shitorai being defeated by the Magebred elf. Elyas arrived soon after with Derli d’Kundarak and Zan-kyri, and together they defeated Elomir, but at considerable cost: Zan-kyri was also mortally wounded, and worse, Elomir was reinforced by the “dark stranger”.

It was the dark stranger who killed Elyas, by appearing to set the air itself on fire. Elyas burst into white flame upon his death, moving on to his next reincarnation.


A group of priests carrying a covered sedan appeared in Grey Titan’s Hold in 1000 YK, claiming to be carrying Elyas with them in his newest incarnation. They asked Derli for a blessing, but the person in the sedan never revealed themselves, so it is possible this was not truly Elyas.

Two years later, however, the party turned to Moon’s Gate for aid against the atropals, Zenza and Suhnen. Varias of Lathleer revealed that their order located Elyas, and he now leads them.


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