A mysterious star entity with god-like powers. Conlon is locked in a pact with him for arcane power, despite not understanding his motives or his identity.



Eltimar is a star entity, one of several that dwell in Siberys and exert indirect influence on the world. Despite their tremendous age, few people know of them, and virtually nothing is known about what they are or where they came from. Eltimar is no exception to this rule, though not for Conlon Ostrennar’s lack of trying.

While living with the Emerald Marauders in Seren, Conlon forged a pact with Eltimar, becoming the Hexblade of the Star Pact. He had only vague recollections of his pact-signing, but he recalls a promise of power with the assurance that he could continue wielding a sword.

After that, Conlon managed to strengthen his bond with Eltimar enough to summon the star entity through his Starshadow Blade and even ask questions of the being. Eltimar was usually cryptic and vague, but seemed virtually omniscient. When summoned this way, he appeared as a humanoid with four arms, but with no features other than glowing star “eyes”: he was more like a silhouette of a distant starfield. A few times, Conlon petitioned Eltimar for help in desperate situations. Eltimar occasionally responded, but usually at a steep price.

Calculating and inscrutable, Eltimar manipulated Conlon into creating a second Hexblade for his pact: Conlon’s brother, Dralon Ostrennar. Dralon and Conlon later mutually killed one another, and Eltimar restored Conlon to life. Conlon ultimately lost the Tournament by default, however, surrendering to the Millennium Emperor. This event weakened Eltimar greatly.



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