Dralon Ostrennar

Brother to Conlon, eldest son of the late Ostren. Current chief of the Emerald Marauders barbarian clan in Seren.



Dralon is the eldest son of Ostren, a late warrior of the Emerald Marauders tribe of Seren barbarians. He is the older brother of Conlon Ostrennar and, since their father’s death and that of the Marauders’ chieftain, Dralon has become the chief of the Emerald Marauders.

After Conlon’s exile from Seren, Dralon had very little contact with his brother and was instead focused on leading the tribe. Like many tribes of Seren, the Emerald Marauders had frequent conflicts and wars with the other tribes until an enigmatic entity calling itself the Son of Caiphon emerged and began conquering the Seren. Despite being long estranged, Dralon went to Khorvaire to seek out Conlon’s help.

Dralon was captured by Titan’s Aegis and kept in a cell in the Eclipse Keep. Conlon came to see him there, and once Dralon had explained himself, he was set free. Dralon returned to Seren with Conlon’s promise to come to the Emerald Marauders’ aid when he could do so.

Rise of the Starborn

Conlon ignored his promise to aid the Emerald Marauders for as long as possible until Dralon, together with Conlon’s adopted son Morgue Conlonnar, were both captured by the Son of Caiphon. At this point, he went back to Seren and, with Herra Nelrannir and the Eclipse Collective, launched an attack on the Son in his tower. At the last moment, however, the Son of Caiphon — a powerful warlock who, like Conlon, gained his power from the stars — persuaded Conlon to join forces. Dralon and Morgue were set free by the Son of Caiphon, and Dralon was not heard from for some time.

In an effort to gain the obedience of the Seren tribes without resorting to the Son of Caiphon’s mind control, Conlon thought to duel the leader of the Shattered, the largest resistance effort against him. This was Vilak Selnar “the Handsome,” and the terms of the duel were that the Shattered would follow him instead if Conlon defeated Vilak, as is part of tradition. Conlon gained an early edge in this duel, but Vilak beat him into unconsciousness, and was about to finish him off when Dralon intervened. Dralon battled Vilak and killed him, gaining leadership over the Shattered.

He let Conlon go, but told him that he would not allow a tyrant to rule the Seren tribes. Dralon warned Conlon that if he ever returned to Argonnessen, he had best be ready to fight his own brother. Conlon did indeed return, although not to fight Dralon immediately; instead, he gave him a second Starshadow Blade per Eltimar’s demands, making him into a second Star Pact Hexblade. He came back some time later and fought Dralon, killing him, but was killed himself at the same time. Because both killed each other, Eltimar was able to bring one of them back (since they both had the same Pact, it would not be a violation of the Tournament laws).

Conlon ended up returning to the mortal world, but eradicated Morgue Conlonnar in the process. Dralon, meanwhile, was destroyed, leaving behind nothing but his blade, which Conlon claimed. He then assumed control of Dralon’s barbarians.


Dralon Ostrennar

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