Dragon Prophet

A mysterious woman from a Seren tribe in Argonnessen with the very rare ability to read fragments of the Draconic Prophecy. She was abducted to Eros by Baalondorus, where she requested to be made Zil'dejin's queen.



The woman known only as the Dragon Prophet hails originally from Argonnessen. Born among the Seren barbarians to an unknown tribe, she attracted the interest of the mainland’s dragons when her unique ability to (relatively) easily read elements of the Draconic Prophecy came to light.

The dragons abducted her from her home as a child, and she was raised among them, treated well but under very tight control. The dragons saw her mostly as an implement for translating the Prophecy, for which she was truly invaluable: never had the dragons seen such a quick or reliable method for translations, a process which often took them many years for a single fragment.

In her teens, the Dragon Prophet was again kidnapped, this time by the Lords of Dust who hoped to use her to manipulate the Prophecy to their own ends. She remained there for many more years, furthering the Lords’ vile plans immeasurably. In her early twenties, she was taken to Xen’drik to translate a passage inscribed in a huge monument in one of the jungles. The dragons who took her first seized this opportunity to try and get her back, and attacked the Lords of Dust who brought her there under guard. In the ensuing fray, the Dragon Prophet escaped into the jungle.

She wandered Xen’drik for years, using many techniques to evade her captors, including her innate magic and training by both factions that had taken her. She was eventually rediscovered by Baalondorus, who kidnapped her yet a third time, and brought her to Eros to serve the Eclipse Collective in their efforts to Ascend. She agreed to do so, asking to become the queen of Zil’dejin Firebane — largely to sire a child that could be heir to the kingdom, to live a life of safety and peace that she had been denied.

After the births of her twin children, the previously unheard-of half-dragonborns Baelin and Erin Firebane, the Dragon Prophet lingered for a few months before leaving the Keep, seemingly without a trace.


Dragon Prophet

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