Derli d'Kundarak


Early Life

Derli was born a dragonmarked scion of House Kundarak, the Mark of Warding manifesting on his chest at birth. He was raised in Korunda Gate by his father, Raldar d’Kundarak, an avaricious banker. Derli had a strong moral compass from a very early age, which in his teen years led him to a decision that would change his life. Around this time, Raldar stole a magical artifact from House Kundarak’s vaults: an oblong stone wrapped in scrolls, later revealed to be one of the thirteen Rage Shards. Derli refused to let his father get away with such brazen theft, and in turn stole the artifact back. Derli was caught, and put to trial by the House, but he refused to reveal where he had hidden the stone, and soon after, he fled the Mror Holds.

Derli was then expelled from House Kundarak for refusing to face punishment for his actions. The Ghorad’din, Kundarak’s secret retrieval team led by Blaurath d’Kundarak,, pursued Derli for years to retrieve what he had stolen and bring him to justice.


A few years after his escape from his Dragonmarked House, Derli joined an all-dwarf mercenary company called the Earthsmiters. When he enlisted, the Earthsmiters were employed exclusively by Cyre, and Derli was a participant in the Battle for Fort Earthpass. At some point, the Earthsmiters’ allegiances shifted to an unknown outside contractor, resulting in their betrayal of Cyre and the destruction and slaughter of an entire village.

Derli could not stomach this tragedy, and left the mercenary group mere weeks before the Day of Mourning. After the Mourning, he sought refuge in faith, dedicating himself to the principles of Dol Dorn. He began wandering alone to become stronger in the name of his god.

Joining the Eclipse Collective

Every year on the anniversary of the Earthsmiters’ slaughter of the Cyran village, Derli made a risky pilgrimage to the Mournland to pay his respects to the fallen and remember the atrocities. In 999 YK, he was captured by the warforged of the Becoming God, and imprisoned in Fort Earthpass by Sturmreiter. Here he met the Eclipse Collective who had also been imprisoned there, and Derli joined with them in their task assigned by the warforged in exchange for their freedom: the retrieval of an old warforged titan head from the ruins beneath the fort.

After completing the task and gaining their freedom, Derli decided to follow the Eclipse Collective to their destination of Metrol, and joined with the Collective after that adventure was over.

Derli d'Kundarak

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