A ghost who is one of the nine members of Mellifleur's Cabal in Hopelorn. Former king of Galifar, and a collector of occult secrets.



Daroon was known in life as King Daroon ir’Wynarn, the king of the Kingdom of Galifar c. 512 YK. Daroon was a mediocre ruler, but considered himself an accomplished mystic and scholar. He was fascinated with the mysteries of the world, and was particularly interested in astrology and the study of arcane artifacts. For this reason, he built the Starpeaks Observatory to try and extract portents of the future by studying the stars of Baator.

King Daroon died of natural causes, but had made special preparations with his wizards to return after death as a ghost. He lingered for a time in Eberron, haunting a palace he built for himself in a remote location in Galifar to study the mystic without interruption. Living agents continued to bring him objects to study, and he continued his research unfettered by a mortal body. As he dove further into necromancy, he drew the attention of Narcisa, an agent of Mellifleur the Lichlord. Narcisa brought Daroon willingly into Hopelorn, where he joined the Cabal in the capacity of its most dedicated scholar. He brought with him part of his palace, torn wholly from its remote location to give him the comforts of home as his sanctum.


In 1002 YK, the witchfire Cabalist Seija was seeking to lead a coup against the Lichlord to seize his power and redistribute it among the Cabal. Daroon had little interest in the politics of the Cabal, preferring to keep to himself and study his interests, but passively offered support when the Eclipse Collective visited him on Seija’s behalf. His support was contingent only on them giving him an arcane artifact of interest, but he was willing to do a great deal more for either the Rod of Order or the Chaos Gear. The Collective refused to part with anything, so Daroon did not pledge his support.

As a result, when the coup took place and ultimately failed, Daroon kept his existence and his seat on the Cabal due to his loyalty to Mellifleur.

Keeper of Secrets

The party would eventually return to him, trading magical items in exchange for secrets. In particular, they learned of the coming threats of Mordakhesh the Shadowsword and the Inevitables and some of Talbot‘s hidden backstory. Derli also revealed to him the secret of the White Mountain in Charon’s domain — that the mountain is probably the tomb of the Third Empty King — in exchange for the chance to slay the Ragdoll Killer and restore power to the Amulet of Dol Dorn.



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