Coref Irvallo

Ex-marshal of the Knights Militant, turned adventurer after the Last War and later became a Throneholder before swearing allegiance to the Eclipse Collective


Early Life

Coref Irvallo was born in the crossroads village of Lessyk in southern Thrane. His family was large and devout to the Church of the Silver Flame, and when he came of age Coref enlisted in Thrane’s military. It did not take long for him to leave the enlisted forces to become a member of the Knights Militant, the military arm of the Church itself.

Coref fought for Thrane in the Last War as a Knight Militant, and rose quickly through its ranks. While defending the city of Aruldusk against the Cyrans, he showed particular valor and heroism, and was promoted to the position of Knight-Marshal of the city: a position recently opened after the previous Knight-Marshal died in the very same battle.

Though he was an exemplary Knight-Marshal, Coref quickly realized that the position was not all it seemed it would be. Corruption in the Church was rampant, at least in Aruldusk, and the focus of the Silver Flame was too much on bureaucracy and control rather than faith. Disillusioned, Coref resigned from the Knights Militant to become an adventurer, seeking to rediscover himself.


Coref’s time as an adventurer brought him to Xen’drik, where he participated in a number of expeditions with the adventurers there. He rented a small home in the city of Stormreach, where he eventually came to meet Valen Vanatar, the leader of a faction there called the “Knights of Thrane.”

The story Vanatar shared with Coref was similar to the ex-Knight Marshal’s own. Valen Vanatar’s loss of faith in the Church (but never in the Silver Flame itself) had brought him to the conclusion that the Church’s position as a governing body was polluting it. The state, he told Coref, had to be separate from the Church, or they would poison each other.

Coref bought into this philosophy and joined the Knights of Thrane. Though Vanatar was a Throneholder, the Knights of Thrane were not specifically so, and Coref never considered himself truly aligned with the Throneholders. Still, he was content to work with the Knights whom he believed shared his opinions and interests.

Kapaerian Island

During the events on Kapaerian Island, Vanatar’s allegiance to the Throneholders became painfully clear as he rallied the Knights of Thrane to take the Dreamheart from Scora Bael. Due to his extensive combat experience, Coref was assigned to lead a squadron of knights into the ruin. They were ambushed by the Ashnazga githyanki, and the entire squadron was wiped out while Coref was captured and tortured.

He was freed by the Eclipse Collective when they arrived, and when he learned that they were seeking the same thing he was, he decided to join them in their exploration of the ruin and the islands. When they breached the lower level of Scora Bael and became involved in the conflict between the Sulatar and the Umbragen drow, Valen Vanatar arrived with more knights and demanded their immediate swearing of fealty, as well as their surrender of their “captives” Voraqael Xel’zoratha and Ryltas the Once-Burned. They refused, and Vanatar attacked. Coref decided to side with the Collective in the fight and swore off the Throneholders and the Knights of Thrane, which he came to believe were just as corrupt as any other faction.

Titan’s Aegis

After the party returned to Khorvaire following the events on Kapaerian Island, Coref asked Zil’dejin to join Titan’s Aegis, the mercenary branch of the Eclipse Collective. Zil’dejin gave him command of the mercenaries.

He helped plan for the Starpeaks Invasion and assisted in the training of Titan’s Aegis, as well as in devil-fighting methods during Breland‘s training of the Devilkiller legion. On the day the Starpeaks Alliance prepared to enter the breach, Tam’elanath revealed Coref to have a tattoo signifying devil worship. He was chained and put in the Phoenix Eclipse to be guarded by Conlon Ostrennar, who was overseeing the reserves.


Titan’s Aegis was wiped out during the Starpeaks Invasion, and Coref was believed to be a traitor. Coref made no claims one way or the other when questioned on the matter: he simply said that he had made a deal, and that it wasn’t meant to impede the Alliance. After extensive interrogation and scrutiny, Coref was released and given the position of “Royal Enforcer” in the Kingdom of Eros. He was later made General, and Royal Enforcer was a role given to Girrrth Thicktrunk instead. He also was given charge of instructing Lavrenti and Morgue Conlonnar in the ways of combat.

Though mostly retired from actual combat, he did fight against a tzitzimitl attacking Flamekeep following the death of the atropal Suhnen at the hands of the Collective, and participated in the March of the Damned on Dragon’s Crown to challenge Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War. He was grievously injured in this battle, but did not die.


Coref Irvallo

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