Conlon Ostrennar

Barbarian-turned-warlock from the Seren tribes of Argonnessen


Conlon is a level 20/M2 Blade Pact warlock (Great Old One pact).


Early Life

Conlon, Son of Ostren, was born in the Seren island region of Argonnessen, the younger of the two sons of the great warrior Ostren. Like his father, Conlon was raised among the Emerald Marauders, a more or less neutral (but opportunistic) tribe that worships the green dragon Kirrghanar. Though Conlon was brought up with a strict martial upbringing, he sought more than just the skill with a blade that his father and brother Dralon were content with.

Somehow, he came across the Starshadow Blade while still living among the Emerald Marauders. He made a pact with the star entity that forged it under the promise that he could continue using the blade and receive tremendous arcane power. His patron, the mysterious being called Eltimar, then took control over Conlon’s soul which took him some time to regain. To date, he still has only vague recollections of the forging of the pact or the immediate period thereafter.

Departure from Argonnessen

For a time after forging the pact with Eltimar, Conlon kept his magic and its nature hidden from the other members of his tribe. Eventually, however, the pact compelled him to kill the chieftain of his tribe. Such an act was considered a massive crime in the Emerald Marauders, and they sought to take Conlon’s life as compensation. He fled as far as Khorvaire to escape their wrath.

Some time after, Dralon was made the new chieftain of the Emerald Marauders. One of his first acts was to lead a large number of tribe members, mainly the younger ones, to the Argonnessen mainland. His actions were perceived as hubris by the dragons who claimed their landing area as territory, and some have extended their anger towards Dralon’s family. It is not known what, if anything, they have yet done.

Joining the Eclipse Collective

During his time in Khorvaire, Conlon began to seek ways to understand and eventually escape the grasp Eltimar had gained on him. In Rhaan 999 YK, Conlon was travelling through Breland when he sensed a surge of outsider influence breaching Eberron in the mountains bordering the Mournland. Seeing an opportunity to perhaps learn more of Eltimar, he went to investigate, and at the Zuokelled Monastery he encountered the Eclipse Collective. Here, he helped Derli d’Kundarak and Xulgos Adinimys rescue Zil’dejin Firebane and Zan-kyri from the rapidly-expanding corruption, and assisted in stopping its spread.

Following this incident, he was covered in blistering sores, an effect of his exposure to the Seed of Corruption. He joined the party in their journey to Flamekeep to get the affliction cured, but continued to travel with them from then on, initially intrigued by the premise of wealth and magic to be found on Kapaerian Island.

Conlon Ostrennar

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