The enigmatic Horseman of Death, said to be the only Horseman who has never been usurped.



The Horseman of Death plies the River Styx in her skiff offering souls passage — for a price. Representing death by old age and natural causes, Charon can afford to be the most patient and cunning of the Four, as she knows that, in the end, all those evil souls untouched by other gods and creeds will end up on the banks of her river waiting for him to consume them. The origins of Charon, the oldest of the Horsemen, are shrouded in mystery, and she’s happy to keep them that way.

Though Charon has rarely taken a Harbinger, she acquired one just after the Starpeaks Invasion: Lucan Vrinsk d’Medani. Charon took Lucan from Sefizel, who intercepted his soul on its way to Dolurrh and tried to make him into a slave. Charon renamed Lucan “Hirnahdus,” and he proved unstable and dangerous. While in her service, he killed one of the thirteen Grim Reapers, and faced a trial in Dolurrh under psychopomps where various factions tried to lay claim on his soul. In exchange for participating in a ritual to weaken the atropals Zenza and Suhnen, Charon asked the Eclipse Collective to bring Hirnahdus back to her. They did, and she gave him a new body built from Girrrth Thicktrunk’s corpse. Since then, she retains only a loose control over Hirnahdus, but this is all she seems to want.

As agreed, she participated in the ritual devised by Hektula the Bloody Scribe. Because she represented death in the ritual — which tilted the balance between Dolurrh and Mabar, or death and undeath — and the party chose to tilt the power towards death, she has since been vastly empowered, to the point where the remaining Grim Reapers were showing deference to her.

After the defeat of Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War, she recalled Lucan/Hirnahdus to deal with a threat to her power: the new Prime Reaper, Indicus.



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