Cecil Morris Duran

A warlock from a merchant family in the Lhazaar Principalities who made a contract with the devil Lagrish to gain infernal power.


Early Life

Cecil Morris Duran was born to the Duran family, a wealthy merchant bloodline in the Lhazaar Principalities. From adolescence, Cecil was driven by three things: excitement, money, and power. Finding the idea of a dull life of trading to be repulsive, Cecil left his family home to seek his fortune.

His early attempts at adventuring were middling. Cecil had no talent for combat or any other skill required of adventurers. His only merit, at first, was that he managed to purchase a few magical items by leaning on debts owed to the Durans. Through a family contact, Cecil turned his fortune when he connected with a cult of devil worshipers, and with their help, he sealed a pact with the powerful pit fiend of Shavarath, Lagrish. He gained access to a wealth of diabolical magicks as a consequence of this pact.

Joining the Eclipse Collective

Not long after, he banded with some other adventurers from the Principalities, calling themselves the “Reclaimer Company.” The Reclaimer Company had some early successes in their homeland before being contracted by Remelius Artauche to retrieve the Rod of Order from the Thunderspire Labyrinth.

The Reclaimer Company was wiped out in a duergar attack while they were exploring the Labyrinth. Cecil feigned death during the attack and later escaped, returning to the Seven-Pillared Hall and rejoining his contact, Talbot. By this point, Artauche had already assumed the Reclaimer Company was defeated, and hired the Eclipse Collective for the same task, so Talbot introduced Cecil to the Collective. He was then absorbed into their party, and helped them recover the Rod of Order.

After Paldemar was defeated]], Cecil continued with the party as they began their quest to find the Chaos Gear. He aided Zil’dejin in defeating Borahm the Scourge, but left before the party arrived in Rekkenmark, instead electing to return home to Lhazaar.

Starpeaks Invasion and Death

In 999 YK, Cecil became aware of the Eclipse Collective’s effort to raise an army, in order to combat the devils of Baator. Lagrish saw the breach of Baator as a threat, as the devils of Baator are fundamentally different than Lagrish’s devils of Shavarath. To mitigate the threat, Lagrish gave Cecil a small army of devils, one of Lagrish’s own battalions from Shavarath. Cecil marched with them to the breach and joined the Collective in the Starpeaks Invasion.

Cecil stormed the Bronze Tower with the other members of the Collective and aided them in defeating Bel and Dispater. After Bel was slain, Cecil attempted to seize the empty Throne of Avernus, to wrest his power away from Lagrish’s control and become a greater force in his own right. Before he could seize control, however, Marlamin Tarmikos decapitated him, consigning Cecil’s soul to hell.

Cecil Morris Duran

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