Bortan ir'Wynarn

King Boranel's son, and former minister of finances in Breland. Now the King of Breland.



Bortan is the second son of King Boranel ir’Wynarn. During his father’s reign for a short time after Boranel’s death, Bortan acted as the Brelish Minister of Finance. Despite having no direct claim to the throne, Bortan stepped up to declare himself Boranel’s true successor, and was backed by a majority of the feudal lords who held seats in the Brelish Parliament at that time. Aside from the support of many nobles, Bortan also boasted a great deal of wealth, which provided him an advantage in the Brelish Civil War against his brother and his uncle, Kor ir’Wynarn.

At the beginning of the Civil War, Bortan was based out of Sharn, which he effectively locked down to outsiders. This was a huge detriment to the people of the city, but it provided him a strong defensive base until he took Wroat in the wake of his brother Aejar’s assassination. In the early stages of the Civil War, it seemed Bortan was mad — he stopped paying soldiers and ceased keeping the law, and seemed paranoid. He was, however, simply waiting for fulfillment of his order from House Cannith, which he paid for by the mountains of money he had been sponsored with. Bortan had purchased an army of constructs, in addition to renting the use of Project Fat Dragon and the Cannith Colossus.

With this huge boost to his forces, he beat back the advancing lines of Kor, who was quick to agree to a peace treaty. The Brelish Concord split Breland in half, giving the west side to Kor to become “Korland”, but peace was restored, and Bortan was king.


Bortan ir'Wynarn

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