Albard Balendal

Rilic's elder brother, a mage of considerable talent. Last known to be on a search for the legendary Wand of Wonder.


Albard Balendal is the older brother of Rilic Balendal. Unlike his brother, Albard completed his education in the arcane arts and displayed a real talent for it, becoming a famous and prominent mage in his own right. Despite his competence, however, Albard is doomed to live in the shadow of Rilic, who has far more renown as a spellcaster, despite the fact that he is not actually able to cast any spells.

Although Albard has much envy for his younger brother, he continues to support Rilic’s ruse, up to the point where he sought the Content Not Found: wand-of-wonder on Rilic’s behalf. He found it and soon after lost it again, but then went about looking for the Ring of Wondrous Control, a companion item to help control the wand’s magic. He got on the wrong side of House Phiarlan while searching for this ring, and ended up captured. He broke free and, fearing for his life, went to Eros to seek sanctuary in the Eclipse Keep.


Albard Balendal

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